I am Ibtissam El Azami, a multi-faceted 26-year-old French artist based in Rome, Italy.

A blogger of several years, I have been known as Tissam Est Là until I updated my blog’s name to suit my higher expectations and blended my personality with my art to shape up It’s Azami.

In 2021, I rebranded the website as The Rouge Velvet to make it a complete makeup, jewelry, and culture area.   


In real life, I am a content writer and copywriter. My portfolio is available on The Target Idea, should you need a writer for your brand. I am also a Digital and Marketing  Assistant for the jewelry brand Yaa Yaa London. As far as marketing goes, I am also a writer, partner, and shareholder in the female-owned start-up Mira Digiral.    


I love the colors, the textures, and the art that are encompassed in makeup. One of my favorite lipsticks ever is Viva Glam I by MAC – a perfect red shade that suits any skintone. Velvet is a fabric I wear most of the time; in crop tops, dresses, and tops. Both remind me of the comfort of feeling beautiful and confident, hence The Rouge Velvet.


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