New projects are blossoming for The Rouge Velvet, and the daze of feeling lost is evaporating little by little, without my even noticing.

A few copywriting bits and bobs

As a freelance writer, I bear the responsibility for any work I find, and as we all know, becoming a freelance writer can be a tad tricky. However, I have been writing for quite a few years now, and what I have learned is that you can only get better at freelance writing assignments and relationships. All it requires is patience and consistency.
I have read somewhere that the main reason people don\’t succeed in their endeavors is that they do not stick to the grind. That can only ring true for someone who lives project by project, now can\’t it?


Enough talking about this, and let\’s talk about that: the fact that I have joined and participated in the creation a few weeks ago, of the female-owned start-up Mira Digital.
For the longest time, I wanted to turn The Target Idea, my copywriting business, into an agency. The goal would be to work as much as possible during the next few years, and in a compound movement, to be able to rest come my mid-30s.
This being said, I would miss writing very much.
Knowing me, I would still be workaholicking with many other projects of my confection.

What is Mira Digital?

Mira Digital is a female start-up that offers plenty of amazing content on various websites and topics.
Among our websites, you can find:
In the long term, the team and I will be offering much more than exciting and enlightening content about food, fashion, jewelry, and travel.

What are the plans with Mira Digital and copywriting?

The plans are to offer products of our making, such as planners, ebooks, and even create a natural cosmetics brand, which has been my dream ever since I became a makeup artist. Now that I am not exercising as a makeup artist anymore, and have chosen to focus my time on creating a digital empire, color is still my first love.
That is why it still makes sense for me to create a cosmetics brand, should the opportunity ever knock on my door. I am hoping to incorporate The Rouge Velvet into our Mira Digital empire as soon as possible, and grow it into an ultimate resource of fashion, beauty, and life and style tips.

Much thinking has been made on my part those last few months, as I left The Rouge Velvet aside to focus on more gratifying projects at that time. I am more than happy to be back, and to be able to share with you evermore exciting makeup and beauty gossip.

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