7 Ultimate Best Burgundy & Red Eyeliners

I’ve always loved colorful eyeliners – for my hazelnut eyes, I especially love to boast a bright red eyeliner. Bright makeup looks have always very much attracted me, and when I first noticed my eyes were actually more hazelnut than brown, I found out that the best way to make the green in my eyes pop was to use red, its complementary color.

So I set out to find the bed red eyeliner pens, cream and pomade eyeliners I could find. 

A bright eyeliner can make a whole makeup look not only trendy and avant-garde, but also makes you feel super confident. And that’s precisely what I love when I wear coloured liners – they’re one of the only makeup products I still use, even after stopping my makeup artist career.

For quite a chunk of time, I was absolutely obsessed with wearing red on my eyes and started collecting red eyeliners and quite any red makeup products. From mattes to metallics, I started collecting colorful eyeliner pencils, pens, and cream colors to wear on my slightly greenish eyes.

I’d say I’m a pro at this now. If you’re looking for the best red and burgundy eyeliner colour products, you’ve knocked at the right door. Here are some cool, trendy red makeup products that you can use on your eyes to make that green pop.

The Best Red Eye Liners To Make Those Greenish Eyes Pop

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Now let’s get on to those colorful eyeliners – they’re not all eyeliner pens or liquid eyeliners. Some are loose eyeshadows, and one is even a lipstick that you can use to create the coolest red eyeliner looks!
Don’t be afraid of experimenting – when you get a liquid colour eyeliner, that’s because you want to get out of your comfort zone. So trust yourself!

Neve Cosmetics| Loose Mineral Eyeshadow in Compilation

I think my love of a good red eyeliner started there, by using the Neve Cosmetics loose eyeshadows with a mixing medium to create stunning eyeliner looks.

I have taken to mixing the Neve Cosmetics pigments – and any loose eyeshadow, to be fair – with the Mehron Mixing Liquid that makes any eyeshadow waterproof, or with the Rugiada Per Makeup by Neve Cosmetics, another mixing medium that is seriously underrated.

The color of the Neve Cosmetics Calliope loose eyeshadow is a very cool-toned, almost silvery red. It’s one of the best red eyeliner color to start with if you’re just getting into the red makeup look playground.

TKB Trading | Mica in the shade Calliope

7 Ultimate Best Burgundy & Red Eyeliners - TKB Trading Calliope, Neve Cosmetics Compilation Loose Eyeshadow, Inglot Makeup 79 65 Gel Eyeliners - MAC In Retrograde Metallic - Matte Eye Liner Colorful

For ages, I have been obsessed with the micas by TKB Trading. To break down the TKB Trading makeup website for you, TKB sells all the products, materials, and components for you to create your own makeup products.

A few years back, I placed an order of 20+ micas and have used them plenty on photoshoots and myself.  The color of the Calliope red pigment is astonishing; that red on your eyes will make heads turn. Oh, and the price? Less than $2.

Inglot Cosmetics | AMC Red Gel Eyeliners in 79 and 65

I love the Inglot gel eyeliners very much – at some point, I owned over 30 shades of their colorful gel eyeliners. There’s not one color that Inglot Cosmetics has not covered. From the best white eyeliner to great yellow eyeliners, they have it all.

One sad thing is they don’t release new makeup collections often enough in my opinion. Still, it seems like Inglot makeup focuses on quality rather than one-use makeup collections that don’t fulfill their makeup goals properly. I prefer having one great colorful eyeliner rather than lots of cheap eyeliners that I can’t use because the quality is poor.

Shades 79, a true red, and 65, a beautiful burgundy of the Inglot gel eyeliner line, were among the first ones I owned. They dry pretty quickly in their eyeliner pomade pots, so I’d suggest keeping the aluminium foil on when you first open them.

However, if they do dry and crack, there’s nothing a drop of the Inglot Duraline can’t fix! Even the Mehron Mixing Medium can revive those gel eyeliners pretty quickly.

NYX Cosmetics | Vivid Brights Crème Colour in Bad Blood

7 Ultimate Best Burgundy & Red Eyeliners - TKB Trading Calliope, Neve Cosmetics Compilation Loose Eyeshadow, Inglot Makeup 79 65 Gel Eyeliners - MAC In Retrograde Metallic - Matte Eye Liner Colorful

The makeup artists at NYX advised me to use this product in as many ways as I wanted when I set out to buy it. I remember seeing they had used this burgundy eyeliner as freckles for a theme day in their store when I went to get it.

I actually bought almost all of the colors and they can be used as eyeliner, primer, eyeshadow, for detailing, and even on the lips, although I have never tried those Crème Colour products as lipsticks. 

Given the pretty dry nature of this pomade eyeliner, I wouldn’t use it on my lips. The texture is just a tad creamier than the MAC Paint Pots, if you want some reference.

Bad Blood is a breathtaking, waterproof burgundy gel eyeliner – work it fast. It blends very well and stays on until you have enough of it. Truly one of the best products to use as a colorful eyeliner, or as an opaque eyeshadow primer for your red makeup looks. Plus, it’s a super cheap eyeliner – for about $10, you get a product that will likely last you years.

M.A.C. Cosmetics | Retro Matte Liquid Lip Colour in In Retrograde

7 Ultimate Best Burgundy & Red Eyeliners - TKB Trading Calliope, Neve Cosmetics Compilation Loose Eyeshadow, Inglot Makeup 79 65 Gel Eyeliners - MAC In Retrograde Metallic - Matte Eye Liner Colorful
Photo: Temptalia

When I used to work for MAC Cosmetics Paris, I used to see some colleagues wear this shade pretty often as lipstick and metallic red eyeliner. During one winter sale, In Retrograde was retailing for less than 13 euros. I didn’t think twice. This one, on the eyes? There are no words. 

If you’ve been looking for the best red liquid colour eyeliner, In Retrograde is the most beautiful discretly red eyeliner you’ll ever come across. The fact that you can use it for all and any red eyeliner looks just makes my heart sing. I’m huge on using bright eyeliner colors on lips, eyes, and skin – multipurpose, people!

3ina Cosmetics | Metallic Red Eyeliner in 505

Back when 3ina was still a store in Covent Garden, I couldn’t wait to visit very time I traveled to London. There, I found the metallic eyeliner range. Naturally, me being me, I bought all of them – literally. 

The applicator of this red liquid eyeliner is a bit difficult to use if you want a precise result. Still, I love the waterproof formula so I suck it up and use an angled eyeliner brush instead to get a precise red eyeliner makeup.

7 Best Colorful Red Eyeliners | Swatches

7 Ultimate Best Burgundy & Red Eyeliners - TKB Trading Calliope, Neve Cosmetics Compilation Loose Eyeshadow, Inglot Makeup 79 65 Gel Eyeliners - MAC In Retrograde Metallic - Matte Eye Liner Colorful

I have to say that my love for red makeup products to wear on the eyes has never really died out. I still find myself crazily looking at any kind of red eyeliner, gel eye pencils, and liquid matte lipsticks.

Whenever I come across a beautiful, deep red makeup product with personality, I become all childish and electrified. I’ll admit that red isn’t my only makeup love, though.

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The Ultimate Best Burgundy and Bright Red Eyeliners

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