5 Priceless Things The Coronavirus Pandemic Brought Me In 2020

Well, tonight, farewell to 2020 and hello to new, fresh vibes of 2021. Right?

Not so fast.

Before we all set to preparing a foot-long bucket/too-hard-to-sustain-New-Year-initiatives list, let\’s look back on a most challenging year.

Indeed, the events of 2020 were most unfortunate, starting with the Australian bushfires to the dampened world\’s economy that the coronavirus pandemic hit hard, and that lost millions their jobs.

Not only this, but the ambient atmosphere around towns also dried out wills, and mental health issues were – really – exposed this year.

But in the end, the coronavirus pandemic and how we reacted to it brought me invaluable lessons for life.

Affliction is a good man\’s shining time\” – Edward Young (English Poet)

Virtual Reality is more than \”a thing\”: our life after Rona

Wake up, make the coffee, slide on a Shirt to look presentable for this morning\’s Zoom call.

The number of jobs turned \”remote\” this year is incredible, not only that, but people are more productive working in a flexible pattern.

We now very much live on our computers and phones. The transition was so smooth that we didn\’t feel it.

Instead of an office cage, we are now home-caged, phone-caged, and computer-caged. Same same, but different.

Coronavirus and Mental Health: It is okay to break down completely

Mental health took a huge toll in 2020. 

The anxiety of going out and having to see people on every corner of London vanished for me, but the idea of having to stay at home for months on end, locked down made it difficult to go through some days without completely losing my mind.

Indeed, a great part of us wanted more time to themselves, but when we were given all the time in the world – and paid by furlough for millions in London, we suddenly had more than we could productively use.

From an office cage, the golden home cage started suffocating us in its turn.

I found another way to make my lockdowns productive, resetting my life – and I believe you can do that too.

Manifestations, Donations, Humanity: We are more human than I thought

We started the year on a hot foot, the Australian bushfires wiping out a great part of the Australian landscape. 

People mobilized and wondered how to donate to help with the Australian bushfires.

During the year, people finally woke up from racism-infused sleep, to start protesting for the Black Lives Matter movement – which should be way more than just another 2020-introduced movement, if you ask my opinion, but it\’s a start. 

People mobilized and wondered how to donate to Black Lives Matter and how to manifest their support.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit hard, youngsters were among the first to offer to go food shopping for the most fragile among us. 

A real solidarity wave was born.

Despite the fact that people are afraid of losing their gains and possessions, this year shed light on the good within people.

The human race needs to find a purpose for itself

Complete lostness, that\’s what we felt after a week or two of lockdown.

What happened to the baby us that could play with a can of food or two and a pan?

I am pretty sure I am not the only one who decided to find my life\’s purpose during the pandemic-triggered lockdown.

It must have come as a shock, being truly bored and lost as to what humanity really wants to do with themselves.

To shut the little voice up, we decided to learn how to bake bread, how to make hand sanitizer when the shortages happened, or how to make a face mask with fabric or with a bandana.

We remembered that nature is soothing and suddenly became bikers.

We listened to Toosie Slide.

We listened to WAP.

We learned how to cut men\’s hair at home and came to understand that hairdresser is a craft not all are gifted with.

And then we started getting divorces and splitting up because we were too bored with ourselves to keep it inside and initiated fights just to have something to do.

But the most important thing I\’ve learned during the coronavirus pandemic?

When there is a will, there is a way

This year was a reset year, and most of us suffered through it without understanding that it was the opportune moment to learn a new craft that could change our lives.

That is what I related in a previous article, with the only life tip that helped me get my life on track.

Even powering through mental health issues proves that when there is a will, there is a way – big up to those of us who did.

If you are still in a lockdown, still on furlough, remember to take some time to sit down through a difficult introspection to find out what it is you really want from life.

It may not be the moment to put your plan into action.

But you can craft it.

And then craft it some more.

When the time comes, you will be ready.


There you have it! The 5 priceless things the coronavirus pandemic brought me this year. T\’was the day before a whole new year – let\’s make it count!

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