Cosmetics Review | Inglot Matte Lipsticks Swatches (10 Shades)

The Inglot Cosmetics matte lipsticks are some of the very it-makeup products I’ve always chased. When I was still living in Paris around 2018 or 2019, I applied for the online Inglot Pro discount, and from there, I just got all out with their gel eyeliners, and with the classic, bullet matte lipsticks.

The Inglot UK stores don’t really help either. When you pass an Inglot London threshold – especially the stores in Stratford and Oxford Street, the cleanliness and minimalism of the decor gets your eyes on the makeup Inglot straight away.

Being drawn by pretty makeup is hard enough. When the matte lipsticks are great quality, it becomes a mission to resist.

When I moved to London, I had maybe 30 of these Inglot UK lipsticks and I decided to clear out my stash during the first lockdown. The reasons? I didn’t know if I would keep doing makeup and I wanted more space in my stuff. Most importantly, I wanted to keep makeup products that I would actually use.

Inglot UK matte lipstick swatches & review - Cosmetics Inglot Stores PL

Inglot Matte Lipsticks Makeup Overview

The first time I tried an Inglot matte lipstick was when a new friend of mine gifted me two shades of hers. I remember they were two amazing nude matte lipsticks from Inglot PL, one mauve, and one 90’s brownish nude.
At the time, I was pretty obsessed with all the MAC Retro Matte lipsticks, because they’re kind of a transfer-proof lipstick in a bullet, and I had never come across such a longlasting formula before.
When I first wore the two beautiful nude matte lipsticks that girl gave me, I became crazy about their beauty, and their transfer-proof quality.
Inglot Makeup Matte Lipstick Review - Polish Makeup Brands UK Cosmetics Swatches 10 Shades (5)

Inglot Matte Lipstick Swatches and Thoughts

Vitamin E, Macadamia oil and Avocado oil are part of the Inglot matte lipstick formula and I have to say that the “dryness” of each lipstick depends very much on the color. Some really drag your lips, some are smoother to apply – all are really, really opaque and full-on banging color.
I have kept a range of colors going from nudes and pinks to reds and darks. I found I didn’t like the very dark Inglot matte lipsticks because, well, having to apply a super dry dark lipstick is just too much pressure for me and I just can’t be asked.
Inglot UK matte lipstick swatches & review - Cosmetics Inglot Stores PL
However, if you take to using MAC’s Prep & Prime lip primer or the outstanding Inglot lip primer, you’ll find these Inglot UK matte lipsticks that much easier to apply. They will still dry down on the lips and turn transfer-proof after some time.
If you don’t mind drying lipsticks, or actually love them from the bottom of your heart like I do, do consider these as they’ll make your matte lipstick dreams come true.

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