Makers of Wax Goods Smoked Woods & Bergamot |TK Maxx Candles

TK Maxx Candles Makers of Wax Goods - Smoked Woods & Bergamot Review - T K Maxx Candle

I love the TK Maxx candles, and as it turns out, they love me too. The Makers of Wax Goods TKMaxx candles, especially, are one of the very home decoration items I look for as soon as I enter a TX Maxx store in London.

Although I am very much used to the stores on Oxford Street, Charing Cross Road, and Long Acre, I have found that the best TK Maxx shop to get candles from is the Greenwich one, in South London.

It’s far – I’ll grant that to you.

Even if the travel itself takes me more than one hour for a single trip, the quantity and the diversity of the candles there is so stunning that they keep me coming back. If you’re new at the T K Maxx stores shopping sprees, then you’ve missed out.

The TK Maxx candles are second to none, and only come from the coolest, trendiest candle brands that no one has actually ever heard of before – no joke.

The Sand and Fog candles, the DW Home candle, the Pecksniffs brand, and the M of W.G brand are only some of the candle brands you can shop at TK Maxx. And boy, do you wish you could get them all.

On my last trip there, I got four new candles and thought to drop a line about one I tried and was stunned by: Smoked Woods & Bergamot, by Makers of Wax Goods.

TK Maxx Candles Makers of Wax Goods - Smoked Woods & Bergamot Review - T K Maxx Candle

TK Maxx Candle | Makers of Wax Goods

A 6-year old Californian company, Makers of Wax Goods strives \”to make well-crafted, premium candles. All candles are designed in California, aesthetically driven by nature, textures, and life\’s leisurely enjoyments. Each fragrance is selected for quality and for a unique aromatic experience\”.
Not only that, but all the candles created by M. of W.G. are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, designed from a wax blend of coconut, palm, and paraffin. What is important to me is that the oils used in the candles are essential, natural, and synthetic oils, which leads me to believe that the team carefully selects which oil will give the best fragrance to the candle.
They seem to keep away from using only natural oils just because they are natural, only to deliver candles that smell like… nothing in the end so I am more than happy with a mix of natural and synthetic if it means falling in love with my Makers of Wax Goods candles over and over again.

TK Maxx Candles Makers of Wax Goods - Smoked Woods & Bergamot Review - T K Maxx Candle

TK Maxx | Makers of Wax Goods Candle Smoked Woods & Bergamot

What M. of W.G. says about the Smoked Woods & Bergamot Candle:

Bergamot balances leafy greens, eucalyptus, and smoked woods with black pepper.

Let’s start maybe with how beautiful and expensive-looking this candle is. All matte black and sleek – I have to admit the color attracted me from the get-go.
I tend to either go for very cozy vanilla, pumpkin, marshmallow, cinnamon, or cocoa candle scents. Or, on the contrary, I sometimes choose very strong, woody scents. To be fair, black is usually the color the strong scents revolve around.
At TK Maxx, for instance, if you go to get a DW Home candle or a Sand and Fog candle, the strong scents will most probably be black or dark blue.
The lid of this M. of W.G candle is made of simple wood; you can already smell the woody scent of the candle through it. I was expecting some kind of very strong candle, almost head-turning and intoxicating. In reality, this candle has one of the best scents I have ever had the opportunity to smell from a TK Maxx candle.
Not only was the scent wrapping around me like a cozy blanket, but it wasn’t too overpowering either. In case you have never smelled a woody candle, the scent can sometimes be so intoxicating that I start to have a headache. And I’m one of the people who love that kind of heavy smell – either with candles or perfumes.

TK Maxx Makers of Wax Goods Candles | Final Thoughts & Review

TK Maxx Candles Makers of Wax Goods - Smoked Woods & Bergamot Review - T K Maxx Candle

The best part of using this Makers of Wax Goods TK Maxx candle is that I can let it burn for one or two hours but already start to smell it after only a few minutes. Once, I blew off the candle around 9 pm and it was still smelling like this amazing woody candle scent three hours later!

So I checked. Among the four candles I got from TK Maxx that day, two were from DW Home and two… from Makers of Wax Goods, the other one being Vanilla Bourbon & Toffee (which is just as exquisite, and so creamy-smelling!).

All in all, I’m very happy and excited to know this TKMaxx candle brand. That’s such a great discovery that wouldn’t have happened without TK Maxx for me. As a freelance writer, using the best candles while I’m typing is very important to me, and that’s one great find and amazing decoration item to have home.

Would 1000% repurchase again, and the link to the Makers of Wax Goods website is safely stored in my Favorites tab.

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