What Happens If I Fast For 3 Whole Days ?

What Happens If I Fast For 3 Whole Days ? | Intermittent & Extended Fasting - Jeûne Intermittent - One Meal A Day OMAD - Azami Makeup - Paris London Makeup Artist MUA

After a day loaded with particularly heavy, rich food two weeks ago, on Tuesday, I decided to go on a several-day fast in the evening. I have been reading about Intermittent Fasting for some time now and I\’ve been practicing One Meal A Day fasts for a few weeks. But I\’ve also been very interested in fasting for a few days at a time because I know that there are next to no risks for my health and even, there are many benefits to doing that.
So on Tuesday evening, I made my decision. I\’d attempted several-day fasts in the past with no actual result because I couldn\’t stick with it. Something about thinking \”Okay, I\’m not going to eat for three or four days now\” just made something in my head tilt and I became anxious, afraid that I\’d starve to death. Yet I find it interesting that in theory at least, I don\’t need to eat every single day. It\’s just another step in a direction I\’ve already taken by eating only once a day. I\’ve even come to almost not be hungry anymore with my OMAD before 22 hours into my fast, depending on the time I\’ve last eaten. The One Meal A Day I\’ve been eating at night, after work, around 7 to 9 pm but I\’ve lately decided to change the time to around noon because it\’s just very hard to leave work at 9 pm, arrive home at 9.45 pm and then eat a whole 1.800 kcal meal – it\’s possible but it\’s hard to sleep all that well afterwards. Although you do get used to it.

First day of fast, June 5, Wednesday. I didn\’t feel hungry during the day, a little bit around noon because I\’ve been accustoming my body to being hungry around noon lately and I did eat at noon and at dinner the day before. It\’s weird to tell yourself that the hunger pangs will definitely come, but they will also go so there\’s no need to be afraid. What had me most afraid, I think, was going to sleep on an empty stomach and being afraid I wouldn\’t be able to sleep because I was soooo hungry that I would need to eat something, anything to feel like I wasn\’t dieing. That day, I had a small session of exercise – I\’m trying to get into calisthenics, aka strength workouts based on my own body and not weightlifting at the gym. More and more I\’m interested in that kind of sports because it just gets on my nerves that I won\’t be able to do my Insanity workouts or gym workouts everywhere I go because I won\’t always have a gym around or a place where I can jump around like crazy. If I\’m on vacation in the countryside, if I\’m in Lisbon like I was in March where the apartment is old, I can\’t jump around, I don\’t have a gym to go to. So I have to find a solution to train with my own body and I think that\’s one of the best solutions for me.
Second day, June 6, Thursday. 10:30, a little bit hungry, the pang lasts a little longer than expected but I\’ve chosen not to eat till tomorrow night, date night with my boyfriend, where I know I\’m going to eat my fill of protein with a Vietnamese Pho and Beef salad. I will bring along some fruit or veggie to nibble on when we\’re out of the restaurant and almonds and walnuts as well because I have to have my fill of fat and protein. It\’s very exciting to know that I\’m doing this. I\’m just a little bit tired, I\’ve woken up not a long time ago and I\’m sore from yesterday\’s workout whereas all I did was a good form of pushups and two tiny, slow dips. It\’s only the beginning.
My head doesn\’t feel sore or anything, I am going to try and drink as much as I did yesterday, around three liters of water combined with some tea. No exercise for me today, letting my muscles rest a bit. I\’m trying to make my arms more defined and I don\’t want to overtrain them (although they certainly won\’t be overtrained with two dips and ten pushups, I\’m guessing, haha). I\’m still a bit wary of whether I\’ll be able to sleep with an empty stomach tonight again or if it will be unbearable. I guess I will have no trouble sleeping but my fasts have usually lasted only 26, 27 hours max and it takes time for my body to get used to that.
The day goes by smoothly, I\’m not too hungry but from 9.45 pm I\’m starting to feel my head is very sore, like something is clutching it.
Third Day, June 7, Friday. I have got to look up what kind of supplements I have to take while fasting. My headache became worse and worse during the night, I woke up at 1 am and I had the most trouble going back to sleep, like something was clutching it harder than ever. That made me feel maybe I should have started with a 48-hour fast as it was my first time.
I knew I was eating at night and I had an event with the Fitness trainer Shaun-T the day after which I\’d been waiting for for months and to which I\’ve gotten free tickets.
In the morning, I had some kind of headache still but I must have slept deeply when I got back to sleep, I drank and drank at night because I felt I was too hot and ended up sleeping almost naked whereas I never do.
The day went smoothly when I understood I was lacking sodium so I poured some salt in my water bottle and drank that all day long and little by little my headache went away. The day was normal, I felt normal, although a little slower than usual.
When the evening came, I decided to eat between 6.30 pm and 7 pm, I wasn\’t that hungry and even felt a little nauseous when smelling the food scents from the restaurants nearby. I could have gone on for at least one more day, it felt.
My Feelings About Fasting !
Loved it. Absolutely LOVED IT. I\’ve joined a few Water Fasting and Extended Fasting groups on Facebook and they\’re going to be a great support for my next fasts. After that first 3-day fast which lasted 68 hours exactly, I\’ve done a few 24-hour fasts and I\’ve done a 52-hour one too. As this post is being uploaded on the blog on June 20, I\’m currently on a new fast which I hope to be longer this time. Apparently, the second and third day are the hardest and you begin feeling great come the fourth day, so I\’m going to fast longer when I next decide to dive into a new fasting adventure !
What I loved most about this experience is understanding that I\’m not dieing from not eating, a concept I would have though unrealistic and weird and reckless a few weeks ago.
Next time, I\’m going to take supplements like magnesium or sodium, stuff like that so I\’m sure my health is not at risk or anything and I\’ve also learned by reading bits and bobs everywhere that I should eat less and less before an extended fast and same, I should eat little by little when I begin eating again. I have to say, it\’s not what I always do and the reason it\’s recommended to do it like that is that your body will already be accustomed to burning your own fat rather that the glucose you\’re used to feeding it. It\’s of the utmost importance to do some research before fasting for a long time and I cannot wait to see how it all turns out as I fast for longer and longer periods of time ! It is a whole new world with endless possibilities for my health and my happiness, and I will definitely write more about my upcoming experiences ! Azami x

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