Equivalenza | Body Mists

Equivalenza | Body Mists Review - Avis Brumes Corporelles - Flor de Cerezo Cherry Blossom Fleur de Cerisier - Vanilla - Pomelo - Coconut Noix de Coco - Amber Ambre
I\’ve been a big fan of the Equivalenza Body Mists for years now – I can\’t remember exactly when I discovered the brand but I know it was when I was living in Troyes so it must be at least three or four years ago. I was in my body mist craze phase and I was collecting and buying body mists from any and every brand I could find. Three or four years have passed now, I have much fewer body mists and the only ones that I keep coming back to are the Equivalenza Body Mists.

Equivalenza | Body Mists Review - Avis Brumes Corporelles - Flor de Cerezo Cherry Blossom Fleur de Cerisier - Vanilla - Pomelo - Coconut Noix de Coco - Amber Ambre

Equivalenza | Body Mists Presentation

These body mists are made by a Spanish brand named Equivalenza that also sells a lot of different perfumes and body care and they cost €13.95 which is about the price of a Victoria\’s Secret body mist so when I saw the price, I wasn\’t surprised. There\’s a total of 10 body mists in the range, all smell either like summer like Vanilla or fresh like White Musk.
Each bottle holds 250 mL of perfume and they\’re described as hydrating since there\’s aloe vera and chamomile in the formula. I love the bottle design with the small picture on the front, I love the size of the bottle which makes it easy for me to take them to work in my backpack and I love the spray which delivers a proper amount of product and is never faulty.
I\’ve seen that these are still available in store but you should probably check them out as soon as you can because I\’ve seen that Equivalenza has started to change the packaging, some scents are not available in the new packaging but my favorite are so I\’m really happy about that.
One awful thing that happened to me is that I went to Lisbon a month ago and bought two bottles because they were €7.95 there and the day before departing, I remembered I wouldn\’t be able to take them with me on the plane because they are 250 mL bottles… I was so pissed. Anyway. Look at these beauties !

Equivalenza | Vanilla Body Mist

The Vanilla Body Mist mixes vanilla, amber and orchid and it is by far my favorite among the five. I\’d never used a perfume or body mist that often before and I\’ve got less than half remaining in the bottle. This is my signature perfume and I\’d buy it again and again and again. Just in case the new packaging means new scent, I\’m going to buy some backups of it.
It smells for a very long time and it\’s the reason I\’ve bought other Equivalenza body mists in the first place because I felt like it was a perfume, not a light body mist. You can slightly smell the alcohol when you first spray it but the smell fades within seconds. This is so sweet and strong, it\’s like a warm, reassuring, slightly spicy vanilla smell that truly makes me feel like it\’s summer. I love it so much that I gave one as a present to my mom who\’s a big, big fan of any kind of perfume – she collects perfume as I collect makeup. Hands down the best body mist ever.
Equivalenza | Body Mists Review - Avis Brumes Corporelles - Flor de Cerezo Cherry Blossom Fleur de Cerisier - Vanilla - Pomelo - Coconut Noix de Coco - Amber Ambre

Equivalenza | Amber Body Mist

The Amber body mist is my second favorite among the five and I also wear it very often. It\’s a mix of amber, white orchid and sandalwood that is amazing. It\’s less subtle, less feminine and stronger than the Vanilla one and you can totally imagine this on a woman who knows what she wants. I cannot describe the smell because not everyone knows how amber smells but it\’s a very, very warm, precious scent that I\’d also buy over and over again.

Equivalenza | Coconut Body Mist

My third favorite, it also lasts a very long time and smells amazing. The coconut body mist is a mix of coconut and vanilla. It seems like it\’s always the described smell with a twist with the Equivalenza body mists, like they\’re adding some secret ingredient in each bottle. The brand has managed to make its body mists timeless, like I can wear my Coconut one in the middle of winter and I won\’t mind, and that is a good point for me.

Equivalenza | Cherry Blossom Body Mist

The Cherry Blossom body mist is a mix of cherry blossom, thrush and strawberry and it\’s so very fresh ! Flowery perfumes are usually not my jam but I really love its freshness and how it\’s not overly flowery and intoxicating. I used to have the White Musk body mist but I didn\’t like it as much as I love this one. Since spring is definitely here, that\’s the time to be wearing this !

Equivalenza | Pomelo Body Mist

Pomelo is one of the body mists that don\’t exist in the new range so if that\’s your kind of scent you should probably check it out at the nearest store ! Pomelo is a fruit I don\’t eat because I don\’t like how bitter and acid it tastes. In this body mist, it\’s mixed with apricot and lily and the scent is super fresh and fruity, sugary enough that I like it ! Those body mists are life – just make sure to try them out at least once in your life !
Have you ever tried anything from the brand Equivalenza ? What do you feel about these Body Mists ? x

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