Intermittent Fasting | OMAD : On Eating 7 Meals Per Week


While I was writing this post, I listened to Run by Harrison Storm. Try it !
This is it, the post I\’ve been excited to do since I started my One Meal A Day journey. I\’ve got so many things to tell you about so let\’s dig in ! I\’ve actually started writing in a journal every single day with my feelings and thoughts and precise numbers of when I weight myself (around 8 or 9 am everyday). It\’s a long post, so thank you for sticking with me and I hope you learn something here today ! 😀
I\’m Ibtissam. I currently live in Boulogne-Billancourt, in the close suburbs of Paris. At the end of the year, I\’m working to move to London to enjoy my young life since I\’m 24 at the time I\’m writing, to work as a Makeup Artist which is my primary job since I\’m a graduate from the Make Up For Ever Academy and I\’ve been working at the M.A.C. Cosmetics store on the Champs-Elysées for 6 months now. In London, I would also very much love to be a Web Content Writer and work part-time in a gym too so I don\’t have to pay for the monthly fee. I still don\’t know what my expenses will be, so I\’m planning as much as I can with what people already living there are telling me, and what the Internet tells me too.

I\’ve had \”problems\” with food since as long as I can remember and I\’ve been trying to find a way out of my troubles for some time.
When I started really working out on November 19, 2018, one day after my birthday, I started working out with the Insanity program by the fitness trainer Shaun-T, a program that lasts 63 days, that is hardcore as hell and that promises life-changing results, if you stick to it and stick to the Nutrition Guide included. I stuck to it for about one month and a half but didn\’t follow the Nutrition Guide because the things in it were too expensive or I didn\’t feel like cooking all that much. During that time, I started learning about tracking my calories, but ended up eating so little in the hopes that I would lose more weight and body fat that I started hurting myself during my intense workouts, took some days to recover, hurt myself again and ended up giving up. I went from about 73.4 kgs in September when I started cutting down on junk food to about 55 kgs, which is my actual present weight. In this post I want to track my progress, remember how each day and stage went.

I started Intermittent Fasting about 2 or 3 months ago, I can\’t remember all that well. I started it twice or 3 times on a 16/8 hours basis, meaning I fast for 16 hours, most of which I\’m asleep and I have an 8-hour window to eat, which means the time to eat about two meals. What I did is I completely stopped eating breakfast. Breakfast, anyway, seems to me like it\’s the worst kind of thing there is and all the processed, sugary junk that exists is there through cereal, muesli, orange juice, Nutella, white bread in packs, butter, all those amazing thingies you want to avoid when trying to make your diet healthier and when trying to lose weight. Ah, and muffins, cookies, pancakes, waffles and stuff.
At first I was vert hungry when lunchtime came, but seeing as I eat about 1.600 kcal a day, it was really hard to split that in two because an 800-kcal meal is pretty large indeed and I was having a lot of trouble with that.
So I started making smaller meals but I did include a snacktime around 4 pm to get enough calories in. Because the thing I didn\’t know is the less calories you take in, the slower your body and metabolism go so the body adjusts the number of calories it lets out with how many you take in. What it means is you\’ll soon stop losing any weight. If you want to keep losing weight, you\’ll have to eat less and less calories but the phenomenom is going to happen again and that\’s just not a life.

I tried during two days I spent at my parents, to start the OMAD, One Meal A Day diet but I just couldn\’t bring myself to it. There\’s just too much sugar and too much processed stuff at their place and my whole body, my stomach, brain and hormones craved all of it so I did eat all that there was. But one day, just to try, on May 1st, I didn\’t have any lunch. So here\’s the record of all my thoughts up until May 7th, a whole week of eating nothing but a large dinner every day.

Day 1 : May 1, 2019 :

Weight : 57.3 kgs
Muscle : 39.3%
Body Fat : 27.0%
Water : 50%
I\’ve eaten at about 8/9 pm. The day went fine, I was a bit hungry around lunchtime. I was really angry, irritable at around 8 pm, especially since I had to prepare 1.600 kcal worth of food and that took me a lot of time.
At dinner I had a beetroot, cherry tomatoes and walnut salad, I also had a very large omelet made up of 4 eggs, cheese, mushroom and bell peppers. Can\’t remember my dessert. I think I had maybe 10 seedless dates. I drunk less than one liter of water that day.

Day 2 : May 2, 2019

I didn\’t weigh myself that morning so no entries. Around 3 pm, the hunger was more and more unbearable, like I had a hole in my stomach that was getting bigger as time went on.
During lunchtime, I went to the Starbucks close to work and was delighted to be able to read for an hour and ordered a Grande Americano, no milk no sugar but drank only half of it. That day, I drank a little more than a liter of water.
At dinner I ate 3 fajitas with onions and bell peppers, of lot of grated Emmental cheese, an Ice Cream (Extrême Vanilla & Pralin) and then about 40g of almonds, and for dessert a mix of pineapple and kiwi.

Day 3 : May 3, 2019

Weight : 55.8 kgs
Muscle : 38.7 kgs
Body Fat : 26.3%
Water : 50.5%
I finished dinner with my Whey Crunch Protein Bar from Decathlon, is it because I ate sugar last that I\’m already hungry at 9 am on May 4 ? I stopped eating at about 10 pm. I\’m cold all the time so I think I should eat more than 1.600 kcal per day.
For dinner I ate a big plate of pasta with tuna, comté cheese, 4% fat liquid cream, basil, spinach and six cherry tomates as my main. Then I ate two Krisprolls with 30g peanut butter, an Extrême ice cream, a Whey Crunch Protein bar and some pineapple.

Day 4 : May 4, 2019

Weight : 55.3 kgs
Muscle : 38.5 kgs
Body Fat : 25.9%
Water : 50.8%
9:44 am. I\’ve just drunk some coffee and I\’m not that hungry. I\’ll be leaving for work in about 30 minutes. Knowing I don\’t have to prepare food is so stressless. I\’m just happy about that.
I noticed that I\’ve lost some weight and body fat and I didn\’t think it would be as quick but I\’ll see how it goes over time. I really have to pay attention to eating enough protein but I\’d like to stop eating meat and fish so that\’s a bit difficult. I suppose eggs aren\’t bad in any way if they\’re fresh but fish is polluted as f*** and meat comes from stressed, abused animals so I\’d rather avoid that. Today I was hungry around 2/3 pm, it was my lunchtime hour at work so I kind of understand the hunger.
I had some hunger pangs during the day but it was all very bearable during the day. I started getting hungry around 8 pm, broke my fast at 8:51 pm with kidney beans and tomato pulp and four eggs. I then had bread with peanut butter and a banana on top. A cucumber salad. A Decathlon Whey Crunch Protein Bar and stopped eating at 9:45 pm.

Day 5 : May 5, 2019 :

Without going to the bathroom :
Weight : 55.3 kgs
Muscle : 38.4 kgs
Body Fat : 26.1%
Water : 50.6%
I woke up around 6:30 / 7 am and wasn\’t hungry at all. I can feel I haven\’t digested all I ate yesterday at dinner.
I can see I\’m starting to eat plenty of protein and fats, I avoid eating any kind of sugar, fruits or refined. Yesterday I ate less than the daily 50g of sugar recommended by the WHO, World Health Organization, I ate about 24g. Moneywise, the food costs less since I\’m starting to understand I need to eat a lot of seeds since they bring both protein and fats. I feel a bit brain-fogged from waking up so early but I\’m focused and alert. Ramadan is coming so I\’m feeling ready. Yesterday, at dinner, eating basically got on my nerves.

Day 6 : May 6, 2019 :

After going to the bathroom :
Weight : 54.8 kgs
Muscle : 38.4 kgs
Body Fat : 25.5%
Water : 51.1%
Today is the beginning of Ramadan and I feel ready. This means that in addition to not eating, I will not be drinking during the day and that is a new challenge. I feel like being on an OMAD diet for all of my life. I really like the conveniency. I love having to prep food for only one meal every day.
Yesterday I felt a bit down when I saw the body fat percentage had gone up a bit. Seems like I can go to the bathroom only at night now, especially I have to pay attention to fiber and drinking enough water at night because I used to drink 3 liters per day.
Yesterday for dinner I ate pasta with comté cheese, 200g beef I made into meatballs, a tomato/cucumber salad, peanut butter with bread and half a banana on top and my dessert was an Extrême Vanilla/Pralin ice cream. Now I try to eat the ice cream or fruit before I eat the bread and peanut butter and it seems to work as I\’m not feeling like any sugar and I don\’t feel hungry at all whereas I was feeling a bit hungry around that time yesterday and had finished with a Pralin/Chocolate protein bar for dessert. Tonight I\’m trying to eat nothing but \”natural\” stuff, nothing processed – maybe a Krisprolls or two but still not sure.
Evening : the first day of Ramadan was indeed difficult. Usually I use water as an appetite suppressant but I had no means of doing that today so I got hungry at some points during the day. I took a nap for the first time during OMAD whereas I usually don\’t. I did go out to run some errands, but I had to go slower than usual otherwise I quickly get a bit dizzy.
For dinner I ate almost 100 g dried nuts ; walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and cashew nuts. I ate 150 g chicken, green peas with tomato pulp, two krisprolls with peanut butter, two kiwi, a protein bar from Decathlon and a piece of vegan cake.

Day 7 : May 7, 2019

Without going to the bathroom :
Weight : 54.6 kgs
Muscle : 38.3 kgs
Body Fat : 25.3 %
Water : 51.2%
Yesterday, to break my fast I did try to drink as much as possible and between going to bed and waking up this morning, I had drunk almost two liters which is about what\’s recommended so I\’ll keep doing that and try and do more when I can because I usually drink around 3 liters per day.
I have to find a way to maintain my muscle mass because I eat a whole lot of protein but the number is still going down. Then again, during this 7 days, I haven\’t exercised at all, not done Insanity or been to the gym at all. On the other hand, I have started eating more fatty products, more olive oil, more nuts, and way less sugar and processed products in any form but I have also increased the number of calories I eat in a day, I\’ve gone from 1.600 kcal to 1.800 kcal roughly.
In seven days, my total weight has gone from 57.1 kgs to 54.6kgs so a loss of 2.5 kgs. My body fat percentage has gone from 27% to 25.3%, so a loss of 1.7% body fat in seven days. That is what is most stunning to me since I have been trying to shake it off for some time and didn\’t find any way. I can honestly say that when I contract my abs, the lower part of the abs that is hidden under the tummy fat is starting to be visible and contracted too so that is what is most breath-taking. The only downside is that I\’ve also lost about a kilo of muscle, so since I do pay attention to how much protein I eat, it must mean I should get back to training !
I really think the quality of the calories ingested make you lose or gain weight. That\’s still the beginning for me, I\’ll see to make an update of this crazy amazing One Meal A Day diet in a month ! 😀

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