Kiko Milano | Smart Fusion Lip Pencils

Kiko Milano Smart Fusion Lip Pencils 513 518 525 528 - Review & Swatches

Kiko Milano Smart Fusion Lip Pencils 513 518 525 528 - Review & Swatches

Kiko Milano Smart Fusion Lip Pencils 513 518 525 528 - Review & Swatches
Kiko Milano Smart Fusion Lip Pencils 513 518 525 528 - Review & Swatches
Kiko Milano Smart Fusion Lip Pencils 513 518 525 528 - Review & Swatches
Kiko Milano Smart Fusion Lip Pencils 513 518 525 528 - Review & Swatches

While I was writing this post, I listened to Till I Collapse by Eminem. Try it !

I love lip products so much, I can\’t even. I have really been trying for the past months to curb my lipstick/lipliner cravings and so far it\’s worked pretty well but from time to time, I\’ll come across some color or product range that I know has to become mine asap.

I\’ve been loving the Kiko Milano Smart Fusion Lip Pencils ever since they\’ve been released – Kiko did have another lipliner range before this one and it had only twelve or thirteen colors in it. I already loved how creamy they were, I remember getting all the colors and when I saw that this classic lipliner range had been replaced with a larger range with exactly 36 colors in it… Well, the same thing happened.
At the time I\’m writing this post, I do not own only four lipliner colors from this new range (that isn\’t so new anymore). I own a whole lot more, maybe 20 or 25 of them. I will write a post in the near future including all the shades I have but since those ones were my first, I wanted to share my love for them as soon as I could – even though they\’re not my absolute favorite : there are some other amazing colors in this Smart Fusion Lip Pencil range !

Kiko Milano | Smart Fusion Lip Pencils Presentation

In France, I can get these lipliners anytime for €2.50 each which is the price of the ones in the previous range if I remember well. For Christmas, one of my best friends bought 8 of these for me as part of my XMas present but during the bi-annual sales, I got the rest of the colors I loved for only €1.75 which is a huge bargain for the quality of them. They\’re made in Italy and are described as creamy, rich with an intense color and a soft matte finish – that\’s quite what it is. 0.9 g per lip pencil while a M.A.C. Cosmetics classic lipliner is 1.45 g for instance. I don\’t really mind that they\’re smaller especially given the price point.
The four colors I\’m showing you today are #513 (a bright orange that would match M.A.C.\’s So Chaud or Lady Danger lipsticks), #518 (a dark purple that would match M.A.C.\’s Instigator or Smoked Purple lipsticks), #525 (a true match for M.A.C.\’s Heroine lipstick, super exciting given it\’s one of my very favorite M.A.C. lipsticks !) and #528 (a burgundy type of shade that could match M.A.C.\’s Diva, Sin or even D For Danger lipsticks). Of course, I\’m telling you names according to what I see everyday while working at M.A.C. but it\’s cool to have some kind of comparison. Nevertheless, I\’m not one to always match my lipsticks with my lipliners as I often like to wear a dark lipliner with a light creamy lipstick so that both colors mix together – art, baby !

Kiko Milano | My Opinion about the Smart Fusion Lip Pencils 

They\’re bada**. Once upon a time I could have bought a whole range of products without even having tried one or two before but I\’ve had the time to use these, on myself as well as on models and they\’re the best. They\’re super creamy and pigmented and I often wear them as lipsticks. There\’s something I didn\’t know about those lip pencils until not so ago ; they match the new range of Smart Fusion Lipsticks exactly, which is quite awesome because there\’s nothing I love more than applying a creamy, laquered lipstick on top of a lipliner to get a fuller color with a 3D, defined, plump effect. Which is also why I\’ve already gotten myself a fair few of these Smart Fusion Lipsticks as well… But that\’ll be the topic of an upcoming post. In the meantime, if you love pigmented, longlasting lipliners, whatever the color you\’re looking for, you\’re bound to find it in this range – just give it a try !

Have you ever tried these ? Is there a particular lip product range in Kiko that you love ? Xx

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