Juvia\'s Place | The Tribe Palette

So far I\'ve gotten myself all the Juvia\'s Place eyeshadow palettes and I\'m crazy about them. The pigmentation is mad, the color patterns are always different and there\'s contrast and creativity and thought in every single palette Juvia\'s Place has ever released. So why was it only yesterday that I went through the files on... Continue Reading →

Tangerine Blossom

While I was writing this post, I listened to Sound of Falling by Jonny Carroll. Try it ! One thing that has often stopped me from doing more makeup looks is knowing that I don\'t know how to retouch my skin on Photoshop like the photographers I work with do and I don\'t want the... Continue Reading →

Nude Model

While I was writing this post, I listened to Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, T.I. and Pharrell. Try it !What I\'m trying to do these days is combine my time at the gym in the morning with cooking my lunch and dinner before I go to work and try to do a nice makeup look... Continue Reading →

Restaurant | Le Bambou, Paris

While I was writing this post, I listened to I Took A Pill In Ibiza by Mike Posner. Try it !I\'m a sucker for Pho - name for large Asian noodle soups. I\'m 24 and I was somewhere around 17 when I first discovered this dish and I\'ve never moved on since. Mostly, those soups... Continue Reading →

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