Nabla Cosmetics Goldust – The Outstanding Christmas Collection !

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

While I was writing this post…
I was listening to T-Pain – Booty Work.
I was listening to Tracy Chapman – Fast Car.
I got my Black Friday order from The Beautyst.
I\’m not crazy about MAC and Kiko\’s Christmas collections this year when I\’m usually a big fan of their products and I\’m kind of disappointed because I was actually expecting their XMas collection this year. I seem to recall Kiko had amazing 16-eyeshadow palettes one year (maybe two ?) and I wish they\’d kept it that way for the winter for they keep rising their limited edition products\’ prices to the point that I\’m beginning to think it\’s gonna be really bad for their business. As for MAC, they\’ve released lipstick colors I don\’t really like and since those are the products I mostly buy there (wait till you see my MAC Black Friday haul, you\’ll understand what I mean…)…
Aside from the outstanding Marc Jacobs About Last Night palette (which I haven\’t gotten), there\’s only one thing that\’s struck me among all the Christmas collection severy brand\’s been releasing : the Goldust collection from Nabla Cosmetics. So yes, I\’ve gotten a few things from this collection but… I do not intend on telling you which today. I only really felt like showing you all the pretty things the Italian brand has created in limited edition (until December 21st I believe) – of course I\’ll post my haul when I get my order safely home and some reviews too…
A really complete collection
Eyeshadows and refills in various textures and finishes, multichrome, metallic, matte… It\’s funny how they released such colors for Christmas when all they remind me of is fall. All the swatches are available on the Nabla Cosmetics website – in video, that\’s the best part.

Blushes – I\’ve never given much attention to Nabla\’s blushes or to any brand\’s blushes actually. I only own lipsticks and eyeshadows from Nabla. For this Goldust collection, the brand\’s released a light peachy pink blush and a light burgundy blush with blue sheen.

Two new customizable palettes – I\’m crazy about magnetic palettes and the small one, Déco, I liked as soon as I first saw it. If you buy 6 eyeshadows from the website (even if they\’re not part of the new collection), you\’ll get the Déco palette for free and you\’ll get the bigger one for free if you get 12 eyeshadows…

A golden eyeliner – now thaaat shouts party ! From what I\’ve seen on the website, it\’s very pigmented.

A peachy/pinky/golden creme eyeshadow – Nabla has a full range of these that I\’d love to try out but… I already own a lot of creme shadows and most I haven\’t even opened yet. I\’m not getting this because I already can\’t finish the ones I have but that\’s a shame because it looks smooth and wearable every day of the year.
Lipsticks – they caught my eye as soon as I saw this collection\’s lippies – if you\’ve been reading this blog for some time, you know how much I love really dark, mauvish or nude lipsticks… and they\’re all matte too except Moulin Rouge which is slightly metallic ! I just cannot wait to get my order ! And… bargain alert just below ! 😉

The Goldust collection is limited edition and all the products from this collection are on sale now (from -10% off to -15% off) on the website (on Maquillalia too btw) : that may not seem like much but their products are awesome quality and let\’s not forget that if you buy at least 6 eyeshadows the palette comes for free ! When you know that the smaller palette usually costs €7 and that you\’ll pay each product about one euro less, you can easily get an order that would have cost at least ten more euros !
Also, shipping is half-price for orders from €19 (still free for France if you spend more than €69… and that\’s so easy to spend beyond €69 !) and… Nabla has released their Christmas sets : there are so many different ones so I\’m sure everyone will love at least one set – they cost 40% less than the usual price of the singles ! I would almost regret getting so many things during the Black Friday ! Do you like this collection ? Are you thinking of getting some things ?

So long, in the meantime, do come and chat on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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