6 Blogs I discovered… and loved in November 2016

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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Hey there ! I\’m back again for a new Blogs I discovered and loved post, time flashes by ! Soon it\’ll be Christmas, I can\’t wait ! The more I see results and views on my posts, the more I feel like writing and I can\’t seem to stop writing lately. This month, I discovered 6 Blogs – I\’ve chosen to write about them because of their awesome design or pictures or the personality of the author and owner of the blog… Four of these blogs are in French and the two last ones are in English so that you can enjoy any blog you\’d like ! Do check out their work – they do deserve it !
PS. Click on the pictures to get directly to the blog !

I\’ve discovered Nastasia\’s blog, Toute de rose poudrée, thanks to her post about the Avril Organic Lipstick Jumboes and I\’ve loved her way of swatching several colors at once on her lips just as much as I\’ve loved how simple her blog is. You can find makeup, natural beauty, looks and travels on her blog. Each picture representing a post makes me want to read it, which I\’m actually currently doing… Loading… That\’s great work !
I\’ve discovered Margaux\’s blog, Mango Beauty Tips, a while ago now and I keep reading a lot of the posts she publishes. Her blog focuses on Beauty (well, that\’s in its title, innit), more precisely on K-Beauty – BBIA and their Velvet Matte lipsticks that I\’ve been dieing to try out ever since I saw them I can\’t remember where, Etude House, Holika Holika, Innisfree and so many more Korean brands, as well as more famous in the air/luxury brands : Tarte, Gerard Cosmetics, Etam Beauty…
I love that Margaux writes about what she likes and her blog is cute and simple with neat, clean pictures and nice texts to read… I happen to get to know a lot of brands thanks to her blog like the MDMFlow lipstick in Vamp… and y\’all know just how much I love discovering new brands !

I\’ve discovered Claire\’s blog, Claire Make Up & Co, thanks to Hellocoton where I saw that she was offering to make one lucky girl win an advent calender she\’d made herself with products she\’d chosen – even though I didn\’t know her at all, I participated in the giveaway and… I won ! Which means I\’ll start opening my small gifts tomorrow and once a week until Christmas, I\’ll publish a post with some pics of the nice things I\’ve gotten the previous days ! I\’m thinking of publishing a picture a day on Instagram too – still have to think about it…
After I participated in her giveaway, I read some more of her posts and I still do. I stumbled upon her post about the world of the Simpsons at the Universal Studios in Orlando – God, I loved that post filled with pictures that made me travel around the world while I was still in bed ! I\’m in love with the Simpsons, like, unconditionnally – you\’ll see that in a few days\’ time…
Laura has been writing on Bambins, Beauté et Futilité since 2013 – I love her world, so sweet, so pink and girly. You can find a lot of makeup, beauty and first impressions/tests on her blog and I found it thanks to a research I made to find information about ElsaMakeup\’s Warm Lights eyeshadow palette. I love how clean and neat her blog, her swatches and pics are… Bravo 😉

I do think that the author of MishMreow is called Mish – let me tell you right away that I\’m crazy about her blog. It\’s really, really simple but there details I love, as much as I love each and every of her posts. That\’s really seldom. But it\’s a blog I could have been writing on, all makeup, hauls, new products and swatches… I can\’t remember what brought me on her blog in the first place because I\’ve read many in just one day… But one of my fave posts of hers is called \”Do MAC lipsticks live up to the hype ?\”. Love, love, love.
I can\’t say how much I love Alksne, Laura\’s blog. She\’s just so creative it\’s unbelievable. She started Alksne as a fashion blog and she got to makeup little by little… Some of her makeup looks are really simple but breathtaking like her Graphic look, others are much more artistic and I can\’t help but admire her : do admire her talent too with her Glitter Tears or her Rainbow Days looks. They\’re so… awesome and simple at the same time. I\’m in love. Do you know some of these blogs ? Do tell me about blogs you love so I can get to know them and maybe feature them next month !

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

More Blogs I discovered… and loved…

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