One month, 6 Favorites – November 2016

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

While I wrote this post…
I listened to Avicii – Somewhere in Stockholm.

I like to show you new things in my favorites – which is why I didn\’t publish a favorites post last month : I\’d been wearing and using the same things as I did in September. But it\’s fall now and the colors I wear on my lips are darker. But there are other cool things in my favorites post this month that I hope you\’ll love to (re)discover…

Marlène Grace & GotyMakeUp Eyeshadow Palette
I\’ve reviewed this palette in the past : I bought it for €16 on Maquillalia and I\’m in love with it. It\’s become my go-to palette in a very short time thanks to its ultra-pigmented matte eyeshadows and its lovely shimmery/metallic colors – the fact that the eyeshadows are really longlasting on my eyes (even without a primer !) just amplifies my love for the brand and so, a few months ago, I got the second palette that Marlène Grace released, Lady Vintage… Above, you can find swatches of some of my fave eyeshadows in the palette, see how crazily pigmented they are…? If you want to get your hands on it, get a notification on Maquillalia because it\’s sold out as soon as it\’s in stock. Really.
Lipstick !
This month, I\’ve loved to wear liquid matte lipsticks especially since I\’ve finally grasped how to apply it properly so there are no cracks in the lipstick once it\’s dry. That\’s all thanks to the Velvet Lip Lacquer lipsticks from MUA ! I\’ve worn Dash a lot, a wonderful dark ancient pink that was on a pedestal right here and Hustle, one of MUA\’s latest shades, a wonderful brown with slight pink undertones.
I have also worn a wonderful dark red Wet\’n\’Wild MegaLast lipstick, in the shade Cinnamon Spice – I felt awesome wearing it since I feel it\’s so chic and sophisticated. Have I ever told you just how much I love the MegaLast range from Wet\’n\’Wild ? …no ? Well, after you see them in several favorites posts on this blog, maybe you\’ll finally get to see them in a special post just for them, but I really have to find the will and strength to swatch 20 lipsticks all at once…
Culture !
At the beginning of this month (or maybe end of October ? Can\’t remember), I discovered the TV Show This is Us, a very realistic show that got me in love from the first episode. Do you want to know more about it ? Here you go…
This month, I\’ve also chosen to include the book Thirteen Reasons Why written by Jay Asher – I read it in French when I was a teenager and I never had the occasion to read it in English until my sis borrowed it from her English teacher and I borrowed it from her… It\’s a very moving story that I haven\’t finished reading in its original version yet (I like to read in the train, times flashes by this way !) – Clay Jensen, a highschooler, received a box of audio tapes and each side of the tapes is a reason why the sender and the girl he had a crush on, Hannah Baker, committed suicide… That\’s very psychological and breathtaking. Do tell me if you\’d like me to write a post about this book. Do you know some of my favorites this month ? What are yours ?
So long, in the meantime, do come and chat on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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