This Is Us : The new TV show that makes me cry at the end of (almost) every episode

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I wouldn\’t say I\’m hyper sensitive. I\’m sensitive the way anyone could be, I know that much is true. I cried when Jack died (the one from Titanic and the one from Little house on the prairie), I cry when life\’s beautiful and it\’s throwing lemons at me and I cry when I watch This is Us, one of my very latest crushes when it comes to TV Shows.

This is Us is a brand new TV show that started earlier this year, on September 20. Less than 10 episodes have been released so far (the ninth episode is to air the day after tomorrow !) but the American channel NBC has ordered a whole 18-episode first season so I know I still have at least 10 episodes to watch in my warm bed with a slice of cake from Lili\’s Brownies…
I\’ve discovered this TV show on a streaming website ; I love this kind of website since it\’s often possible to browse the TV shows and movies according to the year they were created – and I gotta say, a lot of shows have been released in 2016. All of them are good enough, some are great and others, not many, are real gold nuggets like This is Us. The plot ?
According to Wikipedia, the average human being shares his or her birthday with over 18 million other human beings. But there\’s a family dispatched between New York and Los Angeles that has four members born the same day ! Here\’s their funny and moving story…
And here we are following a family of five as they live their life, together or split apart. Some things are left hanging in such a way that you\’re craving the next episode – when it\’s not out yet, how frustrated you can find yourself !

So what do I think about this show ?

I\’m lacking words and ways to tell you how happy I am to know This is Us which is described as a comedy/drama show. It\’s a family show and I like this kind very much ; Malcolm, Friends, Everybody hates Chris… but this… this is completely different from anything I\’ve seen before. Which is the reason why this show deserves to be highlighted – really.
They say that if you\’ve seen and loved the show Parenthood, you\’re likely to love This Is Us. I haven\’t seen this show but I\’ll get to it as soon as I\’m done with This is Us because I have a few episodes to catch up – that\’s the problem with shows like Game of Thrones or Big Bang Theory or any great TV show : if you watch the episodes as soon as they\’re released, there\’s nothing to watch after that and I don\’t know how you feel but I happen to feel empty, like life has lost all meaning. So I have stopped at the fifth episode for the moment so I would have a few episodes to watch at one time. Strategy, strategy.

This is Us is one of the most simple TV shows I\’ve ever watched and that\’s why it\’s so charming. A critic from the New York Post confirms what the titles of my post says : \”If you\’re a weeper, you\’ll weep\”. This is Us is not focusing on actions but rather on the characters, their relationships and the life they\’re leading. There\’s no sex all the time because there\’s just nothing else to show or tell, no useless actions to fill any voids, it\’s kind of an intellectual and sentimental drama show I could only love. Anyway, as long as there\’s thought and smart twists in the plot… I\’m all in.

Emotion and Intelligence
This show is about everything in life ; love, important decisions, the future, the improvement of one\’s life in every way possible… This is Us is a mix of everyday joys, present difficulties and childhood flashbacks – it\’s sometimes predictable when you\’re used to watching movies and TV Shows but it fortunately leaves a lot of questions behind, be it in the show or in our head. I hope this will go a long way because it\’s really realistic and because you can identify to the characters from the first minute – even though I\’m a sucker for fantastic works like Harry Potter, it does feel awesome to see real, simple lives, sometimes as ordinary as ours.
When I finished watching the first episode, I hadn\’t understood everything and when it all clicked together, I burst into tears – it was just so beautiful. This is Us could be corny but I really think it\’s not too melodramatic – it\’s right in the middle and that feels good. I love drama but not that much and this realistic and lovely show and I really hit it off. Do you know This is Us ? Are there other TV Shows you\’d recommend I watch ?
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