Eating Out Halal – Eat\'s Time in Trappes : A great discovery !

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The great thing about living in Trappes ? At least three quarters of the restaurants are cooking with halal meat. I\’ve been here three months and I\’ve had time to discover a cool restaurant selling rice boxes and also the best fried chicken spot I\’ve ever eaten in. Lately, I\’ve eaten at Eat\’s Time, one of these deluxe fast-foods where you feel like ordering every burger that you see coming out of the kitchen – Houston, we got a problem

I\’ve discovered Eat\’s Time thanks to a Facebook group and the pictures of the customers actually made me want to try it. I was right in going there.
I\’m lucky : I just have to go out of my house and there it is, two streets away from home. There weren\’t many people there when I went, on a Sunday at about 7 pm but people started coming around 8 am. The restaurant seems brand new and it\’s quite spacy but I didn\’t feel lost in it like I do when I go to an all-you-can-eat Asian restaurant, know what I mean ? ; there must be about 20 seats in this American Diner-like restaurant.

There are many things to order at Eat\’s Time : burgers, wraps, desserts… but what caught my eye were the burgers that looked fresh and chic, a bit like Rosa Parks.
I\’ve chosen a menu with the Cheese Mountain burger, fries and a beverage : all of it cost €8.90 – this is actually a great price and you know that you\’re eating halal food – the meat has an AVS certification and the number is available in the restaurant. Other menus are available for the same price and some cost €9.90, it depends on the burger you\’ve chosen.

I\’ve loved the presentation of the fries and the burger, on a big bamboo tray. What I mostly disliked was having to get up to pick up my food – maybe that\’ll seem too much, too harsh but Eat\’s Time is a fast-food and kebabs, Rosa Parks and even Mc Donald\’s are starting to bring people their food to their table, so that\’s actually very important to not make your customers get up to pick up their food.

And now the thing you\’ve all been expecting… the food ! I\’ll begin with what I like the least : the fries. I am a sucker for fresh, slim, randomly cut fries, authentic fries, you know. Crispy yet melting fries. Those I\’ve eaten were perfectly edible but they were not playing in the same league as the burger and I really would have loved fries like Tonton Billy\’s or Rosa Parks\’. This is important but this is only a detail compared to the burger, which is the true star of this post…
I\’ve loved the burger so much (even more than Rosa Parks\’ burgers !) that I could have paid €8.90 for the burger only, without the fries or the beverage. I also have to tell you just how much I love multigrain bread – everywhere I find some, I get one, it\’s that simple.

I was quietly sitting and I went to fetch this huge burger with a stick in it and you know what my first thought was ? : HOW am I going to eat all of this. In my Cheese Mountain burger, there was an egg, fresh salad, a steak, gherkin slices, tomato, fried onions, raclette cheese and an awesome, delicious mustard & honey sauce (one of my favorite sauces ever) topped with an exquisite, light and filling bread. The mix was harmonious and I almost ate all of my burger that day – it was that good (but I just seem never to be able to eat everything there is on my plate).
Let\’s add up this delicious burger and the number of burgers available at Eat\’s Time, the closeness of the restaurant and how good I felt there, not disturbed by a waiter every two minutes to know if everything\’s fine and you can already assume I\’ll be going back soon… Do you know this restaurant ? Do you have any halal restaurants to recommend – wherever they are ?

Eat\’s Time
33 Avenue Paul Vaillant Couturier
78190 Trappes
Phone Number : 0033 130802530
Opening Hours : Every day from 11.30 am to midnight

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Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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