My first M.A.C. haul !

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Who\’d have thought I\’d publish one day a M.A.C. haul on Tissam Est Là… Well, me, for a start. Once I think I have bought much of what the affordable makeup world has to offer, I think it\’s time to look at what this dream brand has to offer. My first M.A.C. purchases might only date back to August of this year (I had bought only Whirl and Antique Velvet back then), but I\’ve lost no time in making a whole list of shades I want – a Santa Claus list, you might say. For a very rich and hardworking Santa Claus, I might add. I still don\’t know if M.A.C. has some great products other than their lipsticks but since those made the brand famous, I figured I\’d start there and… I\’ll see about the rest of their stuff later.
Oh, I wanted to tell you some things about the blog too : from now on, I\’m going to try and publish a new post every two days. I think most of the time I\’ll be to tired or lazy to do more – if I can, I\’ll try and take on one post every day like I used to do before I found a new job. If you want to get my new posts notifications in your mailbox, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter ;). I\’ll post my new articles around 5 pm (CET) as often as possible and you\’ll get a newsletter at 6 pm (CET) every day I put down something new. I think this new rhythm is better for the moment being 🙂
Pro Longwear Lip Liners
Back in October, I got plenty of stuff at M.A.C. – well, as many as I could without actually going bankrupt. Maybe someday I\’ll become interested in their face and eye products but for the time being, the lipliners are my new trend. I usually love lipliners, no matter what the brand is, provided that they\’re oily enough, matte and longlasting.
Well, well, well. The love turned to obsession when I discovered the Pro Longwear range of lipliners. Fell unconditionnally in love. One of the shades I\’d gotten in the first place, Bittersweet – an amazing dark chocolate brown was really hard to open and I kind of squashed the tip when I finally got it open – I wiped the tip on my hand and I discovered that the color was transfer-proof. Still had most of the color on my hand the next morning. They might be almost as expensive as a permanent M.A.C. lipstick but I\’m really crazy about how longlasting they are. I have 4 at the moment but I\’m really into getting some more this month…
Left to Right : Morning Coffee, Absolutely It, Bespoken For, Bittersweet.
Lip Pencils
You should never let me swatch a lipstick in a store – given how much I love buying lipsticks in stores (cause I know I won\’t have to wait for them to ship out and reach me), I rarely leave the store without one or even a bunch. Lately, I\’ve been enjoying extremely dark lipsticks, blackish purples and reds and when I searched for some dark colors on the Internet, I saw that M.A.C. had an extremely lovely and dark lip pencil called Nightmoth. Swatched it, loved it, bought it. I also got Cyber World which is pretty dark too as well as Soar, after I wondered why people had gotten this one and not Absolutely It, this wonderful mauve color…
Left to Right : Soar, Nightmoth, Cyber World.
Matte Lipsticks – Basic Colors
I only ever buy matte lipsticks from M.A.C. for a simple reason – I don\’t see why I should spend €19 on a lipstick that is going to be as creamy and/or sheer as a lipstick I could get for a fraction of the price. I have many three-euro lippies that I\’m sure work better than some of M.A.C.\’s finishes. The first three lipsticks I got are D for Danger (an amazing dark raspberry color), Mehr (I finally got my hands on it after it was sold out in so many stores !) and Sin, this wonderful cool-toned burgundy – I\’m in love.

Matte Lipsticks – Original Colors
And so the four last shades of lipsticks are just a bit more original and harder to wear every day : Deep Rooted (a dark greyish brown), my fabulous Stone (a dark greige), Viva Glam III (a lovely, lovely brownish/plum, lovely – did I mention it ?) and Smoked Purple, the darkest matte lipstick I could find at M.A.C. that wasn\’t black – well, there\’s still In my Fashion and I might add it to my collection by the end of the month. Still thinking about it.
I\’m a big fan of all the colors I got (which is why I got them in the first place, right ?) – I\’m looking at some more lipliners and lipsticks I mentioned here… before spotting some new babies when I went to M.A.C. last week… Do you have some of these products ? Why shades would you recommend I get from M.A.C. ?

So long, in the meantime, do come and chat on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

More hauls !

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