November Wishlist – Almost 22 yo !

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Hey there ! Since I\’ll turn 22 on the 18th, what I\’m showing you today is my November Wishlist and maybe a bit of my birthday wishlist too. Well, that doesn\’t change things a lot since I usually publish my wishlist in the first days of every month and by the 15th of each month, either I\’ve bought most of the things I wanted, or they were plain whims and the content of my wishlist has changed already… Well ! This month, I\’ve bought so many things from M.A.C. (I\’ll publish my small haul in the days to come – going to try, given which lighting I have), NYX, ShopMissa, Primark and other stores that it seems like I don\’t really want anything anymore. Don\’t get me wrong !, I think that\’s just a feeling ! Maybe I have forgotten some things, in which case… I\’ll publish a new wishlist a few days prior to my BDay !
As soon as I saw this sweater for the first time, I fell in love – I love how funny it is and how it relates to food in a funny way.

Face Charts
I know I\’ll be able to get my hands on some Face Charts quickly for this costs next to nothing. I think they\’d be REALLY useful for some looks I\’d love to create sometimes, for the Monday Shadow Challenge or even looks I\’d like to create on the side.

M.A.C. Matte Lipsticks – Instigator, Studded Kiss, Diva, €19
M.A.C. Pro Longwear Lipliner – In Control, €18.50

I\’m sure if you look back several months on my blog, you\’ll find that I\’ve said at least once that M.A.C. lippies might be pretty, but they\’re super expensive, blah blah blah, it\’s not necessary, I\’m not going to spend €20 on just one lipstick and so on… But that was before trying out my first M.A.C. lipsticks in Camden this summer and seeing how the matte lipsticks are longlasting and just… great. And so this month I\’ve spent quite a huge amount of money for some of these matte lipsticks – and some of the lipliners too ! – shame ! On the other hand, I am not ready to pay €20 for a creamy lippie that\’ll be about as longlasting as one of my €3 lipsticks. Oh !, and I wanted to tell you… that one of my besties has just brought me the Persistence Lipstick back from a trip abroad… I\’m just so happy !
I\’d also really like to get some other Pro Longwear lipliners – and some from the regular Pencil collection too, especially In Control that wasn\’t available in my local store the last time I went there. They\’re transfer-proof once they\’re dry and I love their creamy texture – I\’m crazy about the first ones I got and I can\’t wait to show them to you…

Double Tragus and Smiley Piercings

There are times I do miss my double tragus a lot but I\’m still afraid to get my ear repierced, especially after getting infected the last time I did it… But I\’d love for these little piercings to decorate my ear again.
I am also in love with the smiley piercing, which I wasn\’t very interested in some time ago, but after some researches, I fell in love with it and know exactly which kind of jewelry I\’d wear in it.

Palette BH Cosmetics – Supernova, 12$

I have the Galaxy Chic palette at home and I think it\’s beautiful – I love how I can use the eyeshadows dry and wet too. I love to be able to have a more or less intense result when I\’m working with these eyeshadows. This Supernova palette doesn\’t have the marbled eyeshadow pattern, which I wasn\’t that fond of anyway, and so I can\’t wait to try it out… Do you know some of the things I want this month ? Are they things you\’d like to have too ?
So long, in the meantime, do come and chat on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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