My opinion about Harry Potter & the Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Harry Potter et l\'enfant maudit

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The more Harry Potter you give me, the happier I am. Each event, each book or movie release got me like \”YEAH !\”, a big, full yeah. If I could afford it, I\’d have a glass display case full of Harry Potter Funko Pop (and Game of Thrones too, but that\’s not the subject here. And The Big Bang Theory too. Still not the subject). Of course, as soon as I knew a new book was going to be released, when all hope was almost dead, the first thing I did was go on Amazon and pre-order it. I\’ve read it twice and since the French version was released yesterday, I\’ve chosen to write down what I think of this book…

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Harry Potter et l\'enfant maudit

Any Potterhead must have known that the Cursed Child was to be released on July 31st and must have wanted it too. I\’ve enjoyed it for too short a time (I had to read it in three steps, otherwise it was over too quickly). I\’ve waited for the book and when I went to London about a week later, I was so mad I couldn\’t get to see the play. I did pass by the theater a number of times. There\’s going to be spoiling in this post so if you haven\’t bought your book yet, don\’t keep going…
First of all, I have to say I think the story is really about Harry and his father/son issues with Albus that you see in the Deathly Hallows episode. Like in any Harry Potter book, there\’s the Dark side everyone good is going to fight against in the end and there are the themes that J.K. Rowling likes to write about ; friendship, loyalty, honesty.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Harry Potter et l\'enfant maudit

A mix of all the things you learn in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
– Albus, Harry\’s son that\’s in the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Epilogue, who\’s afraid of being sorted in Slytherin, gets sorted in Slytherin. He becomes best friends with Scorpius Malfoy, Draco\’s son, and as a consequence, Rose, Hermione and Ron\’s daughter, stops talking to him during several years.

– Scorpius\’ mother dies during the story and Draco becomes a very sad man, all the more because there have always been rumors about Scorpius being Voldemort\’s hidden son.
– The trolley lady from the Hogwarts Express is really strange. She pushes her trolley and never lets anyone off the Hogwarts Express – she has magical weapons that are so weird my mouth was hanging when I read that.
– Bellatrix and Voldemort have had a son, Delphi, who wants to prevent the prophecy from happening, prevent Voldemort from trying to kill Haryr so that her father won\’t fade away.
– Harry tells Dumbledore at last (well, his portrait) what he thinks of him, that he wasn\’t there when he needed him, that he wasn\’t much of a father to him… The kind of truth that I\’ve been thinking for a while for several books now. It\’s good to see this.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Harry Potter et l\'enfant maudit

A pleasure for everyone

I think the scenes are mostly coherent and you can see in the stage directions the moments where there are supposed to be special effects. More than once I\’ve stopped reading to imagine what the play would be like on stage – must be stunning.
I also think it was a great idea to offer several realities in the book, given how many fanfics have been written after the saga was – supposedly – over. There\’s a reality where Harry works at the Ministry of Magic, Ron is running the joke shop, Hermione is Minister for Magic and Ginny has the Daily Prophet\’s sports pages.

On the other hand, and since time turners are used much in the book, there\’s another Dark reality where there\’s a Voldemort Day. Dolores Umbridge is Hogwarts\’ Headmistress, Lucius works at the Ministry, Cedric Diggory is a Death Eater, Harry is dead, Draco is dark, Scorpius is popular and is called the Scorpion King, Albus is in Gryffindor, Hermione, Snape and Ron are all that\’s left of Dumbledore\’s Army and Hermione is wanted. In this reality, Ron is married to Padma Patil and they have a son, Panju.
There, I see a will from the authors to please everyone and I\’ve loved discovering these distortions of the Magical world.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Harry Potter et l\'enfant maudit

Harry Potter, and still not so much Harry Potter
I really liked this book, even just for that, while the story wasn\’t going anywhere sometimes, or so I think. I\’m trying to not forget that it\’s suposed to be a script before it was released as the sequel of the saga – I think it\’d be amazing to watch as a play, the stage directions sometimes got me like \”How are they even going to set this up ?!\”, for instance the scenes with the time turner or the Avada Kedavra scenes with the bright green flash.

I enjoyed this book – mildly enjoyed – but the script format bothered me a bit : I\’d have enjoyed a ninth book much more than this play that\’s over too fast and that is too different from what I\’m used to. I think the fact that there are three writers must be very important in this difference, I do find J.K. Rowling\’s touch but there are characters I don\’t recognize anymore, like Draco or Ron. They seem much too different from the last book and that bothers me.
I still can\’t figure if there\’s a dimension to this release other than money, because honestly the crumbs of Harry Potter that are sent our way won\’t feed me full… This is a must-read for any Potterhead just to know what\’s been happening in the Magical World. This is a must-read for anyone who just buys any new book that\’s released off Amazon. But I\’m still hungry… Have you read this book ? What did you think of it ? As a Potterhead, are you disappointed, satisfied with it ?

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