A new journey for me !

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

I was a bit lost in my life up until last Saturday.
When they say that things get tougher when you come of age, well, breaking news : that\’s no lie. Especially when you live on your own and have to take responsibilities for everything in your life. You have no will to take them, they\’re actually given to you, but well.
Up until last Saturday, I was unemployed. After I spent four years in college and only passed 2 years – yep, I wasn\’t interested at all…, I decided to stop torturing myself. I started a YouTube channel and then I chose to activate my unenployment benefit so I could be more and more active on my blog and have some time – plenty of time – to find something good to do with my life.
But it\’s difficult to choose something else because I\’m interested in everything.
I though a Community Manager sandwich course would be perfect for me but I should have chosen something else. Anyway, the courses started on September 26th and the Institute, which should have helped me and accompanied me in finding a company, was not serious at all to me. Their \”help\” was actually five emails and a few Word files with a list of websites to find jobs. As if I wasn\’t already searching every place I could… I was really disappointed in this institute and also in all the companies I sent my résumé to and that are only calling me back now… when the courses have already begun.
And then two weeks ago, I sent a résumé to Ikea to work in the restaurant. I moved from Troyes at the beginning of September and I discovered Ikea : I fell in love with the concept and the values, and the food they have there. They had two jobs available, one part-time temporary contract and a full-time permanent contract too. Someone was already landing the full-time contract, so I said okay for the temporary contract and met the woman from Human Resources and the person in charge for the restaurant and on the day I was waiting for an answer from Ikea, the Human Resources woman called to say the person who was going to get the full-time contract had chosen to leave and work someplace else. Third and last interview with two persons this time : the man in charge for the restaurant and the man in charge for the whole department.
They called me the day after (last Saturday) : We\’ve decided to take you onboard. Here are your hours for next week… You start on Monday at 10.
A company where I feel at home, who\’ve recruited me even though I\’ve never even worked in trading or food, because I was motivated and really wanted to work there. That is a company for me.
And so, I\’ve started working at Ikea Plaisir, close to Paris. I feel clumsy and I feel like I\’m going to bother everyone with questions and my clumsiness but everyone is so understanding and I\’m trying to learn fast. I work full-time and I have a permanent contract with 2-months trial period. I am 21 and I have a permanent contract. I don\’t know what to think of this. I think the goal of studies is to find a job that will earn more or less money. This is what I have now. I hope to get more and more important in the company. And I hope I\’ll be less and less shy, especially when I\’m at checkout…
Tissam Est Là is certainly going to suffer a bit from these first weeks in a new company. I have been writing very often on this blog for more than a year and I\’m not used to working anymore. When I came back home yesterday at 8 pm, I fell fast asleep at 9.30 pm. I have to find a new rhythm and I think that my two days off a week will allow me to write several posts a week – maybe not one per day, at the beginning but I hope I\’ll be able to soon.
I\’m getting my life back on track, I\’m really happy and I wanted to share this good news with all of you. Sometimes you think it\’s never going to get any better, yet it does in the end… Al hamdu li Llah.
So long, in the meantime, do come and chat on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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