ELF Sunset Palette – Bright Colors for the Dying Season…*

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

When I write about things that make me happy, I\’m happy. When I write about excellent quality, really affordable makeup, I\’m really happy. Today\’s one of these happy days. With this post, my first partnership with Eyes Lips Face ends – I hope it won\’t be the last one – a review about an excellent eyeshadow palette, the Sunset palette from the Prism range.

I was a bit surprised when I got my parcel because the palette is compact – you waste no space when you put it with your other makeup products and no space is wasted in the palette itself. That\’s pretty convenient, especially since I\’m almost done unpackaging and boy, do I have many things…!  So I\’m pretty glad this palette is this small and it\’s classic and beautiful too, black and white sturdy and hard plastic. I feel that Eyes Lips Face are making their products more and more beautiful and chic, be it the product itself or the packaging. I like that.

This Sunset palette is part of the Prism range that has three palettes. I chose the Sunset one, with warm tones but I can\’t wait to try out the Nude and the Smoky palettes which I\’m sure are great quality too, for the same price, €10 (the Sunset palette was on sale for €8 at the time I chose it). There\’s a foam applicator coming with the palette and for once, I\’m not going to complain because those are eyeshadows that can be used wet – this kind of brush is much more useful with wet eyeshadows and pigments than basic hairy brushes are.

I\’ve swatched the eyeshadows dry, found they were really good but when I went to throw the box away, I saw that we could use the eyeshadows wet. And wow. I started using them wet and they remained intense, really intense all day long and none of the eyeshadows creased for the 5 or 6 hours I had them on before I had to remove my makeup. I like subtle makeup – sometimes – but I also like that my makeup can be noticed. What\’s the use in wearing eyeshadows if no one notices ? I\’m no girl for no-makeup makeup that wastes 3 hours of your – already short – day, sorry 😉
As for the eyeshadows themselves, I\’m a sucker for the coral pink that I\’ve never seen anywhere before and the cool-toned brown too (fifth eyeshadow). That\’s the one I used for my second interview at Ikea and I\’m still expecting an answer… It went pretty well so… What if ELF had helped me be hired ?! Mmmh… Possible, can\’t live without hope.

This palette is just perfect for a soft sunset look – yep, no orange nor red tones inside it, right – but it\’s also perfect for nude looks since you can find white, coral/pink, golden, golden yellow, cool-toned brown and purple shades inside it. Since they\’re all shimmery, if you\’re shy with eyeshadows, you can totally wear them dry during the day but of course, be aware that they will fade faster when they\’re dry than when they\’re wet.

Below, I\’ve created a simple look with the coral/pink shade on my eyelids, the golden yellow in the inner corner and the purple shade as an eyeliner and in the lower lashline. I didn\’t know that I could use the eyeshadows wet at the time I did this makeup but as I\’m used to wetting any eyeshadow I use for eyeliner, I wet the purple one before drawing a line and I\’m really happy with how it\’s come out ! I\’m really happy with the whole palette and I recommend it strongly. It is totally going to be one of my go-to makeup products for fall, that flamboyant and dying season… I would like to thank Mathilde from the ELF Team (sounds like an Oscars speech) – I\’m in love with all I got ! Have you ever tried this palette ? What ELF products do you know and would you recommend ?

So long, in the meantime, do come and chat on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Tissam.

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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*This product was sent to me to be reviewed. I did not pay for it.

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