My October Wishlist – Lippies and Eyeshadow !

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

My wishlist is going to be quite shorter than the previous months – I\’m currently doing my best to see just how much makeup I have and classify it but there\’s just too much, it seems to be never ending ! I\’m not saying I\’m going to get rid of even an ounce of mineral eyeshadow but I realize day after day I have really nice things that I\’d like to talk about so I don\’t need any more makeup for the moment.
If the sun didn\’t keep disappearing and reappearing, I could maybe write about this wonderful makeup soon, but the lack of light is actually really getting on my nerves (I\’d like to say worse, I can\’t stand not being able to do something). My October Wishlist is composed of lip products and eyeshadow – you couldn\’t do any simpler if you wanted to 😉

Lip Products
Maybe you\’ve seen it in my Neve Cosmetics haul on Minéral Makeup, I\’ve become a sucker for the brand Neve Cosmetics in a very short time. I haven\’t as of yet bought or tried any of their lipsticks but as soon as I can, I\’ll get at least the shades Chocolate Eclair, Sakura Mochi and Plum Cake.
Neve Cosmetics Lipstick, €11.90.
The quest for the perfect liquid matte lipstick is neverending and I\’d really like to try out these wonderful muted OPV shades.
OPV Liquid Matte Lipstick, £7.99
Get a L\’Occitane scent I love, Néroli and Orchidée, printed on my lips ? I have to go and smell this one in a L\’Occitane store – and get it afterwards.
L\’Occitane Néroli and Orchidée Lipgloss, €8 available on the French website.
The brand Palladio has been added to a long list of brands on Maquillalia a few days ago. A brand that has a few matte lipsticks that I\’d love to try : Plum Majesty, Royal Rum and Velvet Wine.
Palladio Matte Lipstick, €6.99.
Eye Products
I\’ve seen that Urban Decay is releasing their new Full Spectrum eyeshadow palette end of October – I can\’t wait, I want it. Why not add the Spectrum eyeshadow palette to it, that I\’ve been wanting since its release last year ?
Urban Decay, Spectrum Palette, €53.
Urban Decay, Full Spectrum Palette, $58.
I not only want Neve Cosmetics lipsticks but also a big part of their mineral loose eyeshadows. It would be too long to tell you all the beautiful shades I want to find in my stash day after day, anyway the red eyeshadow Compilation is great – I don\’t know why I love red eyeshadows so much lately…
Neve Cosmetics Loose Eyeshadow, €7.90.
Devinah Cosmetics is a bit older than one year and their eyeshadows look stunning – extremely pigmented refills that also hold a few red shades among them. I can\’t wait to try them out and tell you all about them – such a brand must be more famous !
Devinah Cosmetics Refill Eyeshadows, $5. 
What are your own wishlist products this month ? Do you know some of the things I want ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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