September Favorites ! ♥

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Another month is ending – wow, wasn\’t January only yesterday ? – and the time has come to share all the things I\’ve loved using this with you – mainly makeup, once more. I\’ve had so much pleasure using some things that I\’ve ended up buying the whole range – or almost the whole range and I really can\’t wait to take all the necessary pics so I can write about these products.
My Transportation Card \”Pass Navigo\”
It may seen weird to anyone who\’s been living in Paris for some time or their whole life but I\’ve had my Pass Navigo, it\’s how they call it, only three weeks ago and it was a real pleasure being able to move around in the vicinity of Paris. Thanks to this small card, I\’m free like a river !
My Marlène Grace & GotyMakeUp Eyeshadow Palette
It\’s an intense pleasure to use the eyeshadows from this palette I\’ve written about a few days agoa really buttery texture, a vivid pigmentation, a ridiculously long lasting time for a ridiculously low price of €16 for 10 eyeshadows : I\’ve been using the matte eyeshadows a lot for my colorful makeups lately – the weather outside forces me to use bright colors to feel good ! – and I really recommend you get this in one of your Maquillalia carts.
ELF Matte Lip Color in Wine
Last week, I wrote about my two new ELF matte lip colors – they\’re convenient, they\’re cheap, they\’re pigmented, and their lasting time and colors make me think they\’re must haves in any makeupista\’s collection. I\’ve worn the Wine shade a lot and it suits me real fine, I\’m very happy about that – there are 15 colors, you\’re bound to find one you\’ll be fond of !

Hean Vitamin Cocktail Colour Intense Lipstick in 153 Nude Rose
Hean Mattense in 404 Dolce

I\’ve been using these over and over lately – it\’s weird how sometimes you use two shades that are very close and you don\’t know how close they are until you see swatches of them next to each other : they\’re really dupes !
I\’ll write about these two ranges of lippies that I\’ve almost bought entirely but for now, let me just tell you that 153 Nude Rose is intensely pigmented and semi-matte whereas the Mattense lippie is completely matte – I really should write to the brand to ask them if the two colors are similar because my eyes can\’t seem to assess a difference or none !
Wet\’n\’Wild MegaLast Lipstick in Spiked with Rum

I assume if I\’d been using another one of my 20 MegaLast lippies (yeah, I did buy almost all of them), it would have gone straight to this Favorites post but for now, I\’ve been using Spiked with Rum almost every day – it\’s a wonderful muted red shade and I already have another one just in case. I feel myself, I feel great and confident when I wear this color that suits my skintone – maybe that happens to you sometimes ! What are the things you kept using this month ? Do you know some of my faves ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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