Okyama : The Best All-you-can-eat restaurant I\'ve ever been to (Paris 15)

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

If you\’ve been following me on Instagram, you can\’t have missed the sushi and maki pic I shared a few days ago – I took it in the restaurant Okyama in the 15th Arrondissement of Paris.
I\’ve been going to all-you-can-eat Asian restaurants for a while now – since I\’ve come of age, maybe some time before too – and I\’ve gotten more and more disappointed in the food that\’s too oily, undercooked, not halal and so I have to eat veggies and fish and shrimps and I love shrimps but enough is enough.
So for some time I\’ve stopped going to this kind of restaurant because the last ones I\’ve been to didn\’t taste good at all. And then two weeks ago I had a craving for Asian food : I needed an all-you-can-eat restaurant. I already knew the Dragon Wok restaurant which is excellent and halal too but I wanted to try something new and after some time on Google, I found Okyama.

I\’ve been there twice up to now – I loved it so much the first time that I chose to go back to be sure the quality was constant and so I wouldn\’t recommend a bad place.
The restaurant is wide but it\’s the size of a normal restaurant – you know how all-you-can-eat restaurants are more often than never warehouse-wide ? Well, they are in France and this normal-sized restaurant is full on some nights. You can find the restaurant on Allohalal and I\’ve been told that all the meat was halal – there are certificates on the wall but I think it would be great to ask for the proof of delivery from the butchery to be sure – I will think of asking it the next time I go to Okyama.

I went back to Okyama on September 27th and asked for the delivery slip from the halal butchery – it was shown to me at once and the delivery had been made this very day. I\’m really happy I\’ll keep going there !

I really like how this restaurant works : you\’re given the menu and a sheet of paper on which you only have the write the number of things that you want, with a code matching the pics on the menu – couldn\’t be any more simple. There are so many things ! : Maki, skewers, California rolls, nems, sushi, desserts… Careful though, sashimi are half price when you order them with your all-you-can-eat menu but they\’re still not free. The menu costs €14 for lunch from Mondays to Fridays and €18 on evenings, on weekends and holidays – it is more expensive than other places (than Troyes at least) but I will pay this price for food when I, as a client, am respected and given actual tasty food.

There are some things I definitely don\’t recommend in this restaurant, just because I didn\’t like them or they tasted weird or were undercooked : the japanese nems tasted weird (these were simple chicken nems, I don\’t know how Japanese they were) and the Japanese dumplings grilled with chicken were only grilled on one side : I have much trouble eating anything that looks like silicone so if that\’s undercooked too… that\’s not good, not good at all.
Now that all the negativity is gone, I\’ve loved, so much, so many other things ; I\’ll begin with chow mein noodles – they were excellent and their size was average, not those filled-with-water noodles you can find in so many restaurants. I really like that I\’m not being taken for a fool when I eat there.

Wow, the skewers… they\’re said to be grilled with wood charcoal and I do love this smoked taste they have. I\’m so very fond of the beef and cheese skewers – the meat tastes amazing and the cheese is melting… I could eat a dozen ! No, I couldn\’t – I can only eat three or four if I want to be able to eat something else after that. These are my favorite, but you can see on the menu there are other kinds of skewers you can order.

And boy, did I have a crush on all the sushi-like food there. Sushi, Maki, California rolls… they\’re all amazing at Okyama. There\’s not too much rice, to be truthful there is more fish on the sushi than there is rice. Wuuut ? Have you ever seen that in an all-you-can-eat restaurant ?! I am so happy when I eat there because you can order as many sushi as you want (of course, that\’s an all-you-can-eat restaurant) and they have sea bream sushi, my favorite ! 😀

I recommend you order salmon and sea bream sushi as well as the maki with shrimp fritters – they\’re still warm when you start eating them : it\’s so good, and you should also order the more classic Las Vegas : salmon, avocado with sesame and salmon on top. I\’d also recommend the crusty salmon cheese – I\’ve eaten only one because my stomach just can\’t handle such combinations as fruit/dairy, chocolate/fruit or dairy/fish, but what I\’ve eaten tasted amazing and the onions around the maki made it all artistic in my mouth. Hope you get what I mean 😉

Careful with your choices : it\’s really easy to order more than you will actually eat and if you spoil too much food, each thing you\’ve not eaten will cost you €1. Well, do go to this restaurant, it\’s a great find ! I think I\’ve eaten more than enough and more than well both times I\’ve been there and I hope to go back soon ! Do you know Okyama ? Do you know other restaurants you love and would recommend to anyone ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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