Hollister\'s New Pacific Beach & Sheer Boho Body Mists

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

About a month ago, Hollister released two new body mists. It\’s crazy how slow I am with my body mist reviews, I must have said it before but fortunately, they\’re still available online. I\’ve taken my time after moving but you know how that goes – you put your things in boxes and then forget where they are, and then I write posts, and then I have even more important posts to publish in spite of my planning, and then, and then, and then.
Anyway, you know me well now, if Hollister releases new body mists, I\’ll get my hands on them as soon as I see them – the two newborns are called Sheer Boho and Pacific Beach.
Even though they\’re similar to the website pictures, I always find them even more beautiful when I\’ve got them in my hands. Maybe that\’s because of the wait that makes them more desirable.
Both scents match the beginning of fall : I wouldn\’t have expected any more or less from Hollister – I know this brand won\’t ever release pumpkin or cinnamon body mists like Bath & Body Works might. Even though I\’m a fan of the packaging, I might have expected another choice of colors but it\’s neat and, I mean, you can\’t ask Hollister to change what makes it Hollister : the sun, the summer and the warmth…, which is why I don\’t really care about the packaging that\’s probably the most fall-like packaging they could come to – I\’ll never expect a brown packaging from Hollister, for instance.

Sheer Boho is the first body mist I smelled and I loved it straight away. It is a mix of raspberry, jasmine and vanilla cream – you smell the flowery and fruity scent when you spritz it on and it all settles on a vanilla bed, yum… I think the scent matches the name completely, Boho : the scent is sweet, with vanilla and a tangy side with the raspberry, it\’s great and not overwhelming – a perfect balance between all of the scents that make it Sheer Boho.
There\’s warmth in this that confirms what I think – Sheer Boho is perfect for the beginning of the fall and even for the winter (yum, grilled marshmallows…!) because of the vanilla cream but the jasmine is present too and really, Boho is a great name for such a body mist. The flower makes the whole scent a bit mysterious and the raspberry makes it fun ; straw hat, maxi-skirt, indian bracelets and customized guitar… 

The packaging deserves a second look too for there\’s been some thought into it. Fuchsia, turquoise, white and silvery with arabesques…
Sheer Boho is a song to the nose that lasts about 2 hours, a bit less than Pacific Beach. The scent does linger longer but I\’m the only one who can still smell it because it\’s really weak after that.

As for Pacific Beach, it\’s a mix of blackcurrant, raspberry and praline – it\’s warm too, like Sheer Boho. It slightly reminds me of candy when I spritz it on, it\’s sweet and feminine at the same time, not too overpowering and I think it might suit any woman of any age.
Even if I do like it, I feel like there\’s not been to much work and innovation in this one because it reminds me strongly of several Hollister body mists, especially Willow Cove, the vanilla one that was released two months ago. So, even if it does smell good, it\’s not my favorite one even though there\’s a true balance to the scents.
Despite that, it lasts longer on the skin than Sheer Boho and I would rcommend both equally if you\’ve never tried Hollister body mists : they\’re perfect for the death of summer and the birth of fall, especially Sheer Boho which is very sweet and warm, so much it makes you want to watch a movie with a fire burning in the chimney… Do you know the Hollister body mists ? What are your favorite body mists, if you use any ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Let me tell you more \’bout body mists…!

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