ELF Matte Lip Color – Just perfect for Fall (and any other time of the year !)*

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Why, why on Earth did I not get me some of these before ? I really wanted to try out a few lippies from Eyes Lips Face but there are a few ranges to the brand so I really didn\’t know what to choose in collaboration with the brand – the solution is in the comments and on the blogs ! And whenever in doubt, just get some matte. It\’s no universal advice but seeing as it\’s my favorite finish for lipsticks… I\’ve chosen two shades among the 15 that ELF has on their website, Wine and Cranberry – let me tell you right ahead that I can only think of having them all at home.

When I opened my parcel and held them for the first time, I loved their long and circular shape right away with their black and white packaging and the lipstick color at the end of the jumbo. They\’re very simple but very chic all the same – and there\’s absolutely no worry about them opening in your bag ; they just won\’t thanks to the clic you hear when you close them.
The Wine and Cranberry shades are both perfect for fall but I will wear them all year round – I will not wear a color that suits me only three months out of twelve ! I like how the tip is shaped, it might have gotten rounder with time but it\’s still really easy to use and I\’ve got no problem with lining my lips and then filling in with the color.
There\’s no scent to them and they are very pigmented : a beautiful subtle red for Cranberry and a dark raspberry color for Wine. I\’m really happy with the colors I\’ve gotten because the swatches on the website are clear and good and also because I can wear both colors for they\’re not too out there or anything.
They just glide on the lips : your lip makeup is done in ten secs tops ! I feel like I\’m wearing a lipbalm when I\’ve got them on – with the exception that it\’s matte – but still, do check that your lips are smooth when you feel like wearing them.
Their lasting time is pretty good as long as you don\’t eat nor drink because they\’re creamy and they will transfer – after eating a burger and fries at Rosaparks Paris yesterday (yes, I went there eventually because writing my post about Rosaparks Troyes made me hungry for burger and fries, I\’ll tell you all about it soon !), only the outlines of my lips still had lipstick on, there was none left in the center. I did expect it from such a texture so I\’m really happy I found a lipstick with a shape I love, colors I can definitely wear all the time and a good lasting time for just $3 – I\’m in love and can\’t wait to get more colors ! Have you ever tried those beautiful ELF Matte Lip Color lipsticks ? What else can you recommend from the brand ?
Left : Cranberry
Right : Wine
Matte Lip Color in Cranberry
Matte Lip Color in Wine

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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*These products were sent to me to be reviewed. I did not pay for them.

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