Rosaparks – A Fresh & Halal Burger\'n\'Fries that\'ll make you love life !

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

I try my best to eat healthily but I\’m attracted to junk food like a moth to a flame. I think I feel less guilty eating junk food in a beautiful restaurant – because the burger and fries are more beautiful, because they taste better or better yet, because they actually look like the picture. Yep, looking at you in the back, Big Mac.
I lost count of the number of books I\’ve read about the McDonald\’s food and all that I\’ve read led me to make a choice – I do eat there as seldom as possible. But when I found the Rosaparks restaurant in downtown Troyes, with its fresh and halal meat, its paprika fries, its young and in the air decoration, I was thrilled. Want some better news ? There\’s a new Rosaparks restaurant in the center of Paris – I hope to go soon and tell you all about it !

Rosaparks Troyes opened a few years ago, in 2013 I think, at the end of the \”restaurant street\” as I like to call it, the very busy Rue Champeaux. I\’ve been there for the first time about two years ago : a friend of mine thought that everything was awesome there, the fries, the burgers, the decoration… She\’d loved everything there.
And so I took two friends with me and went and… that was the first time of many until I moved at the beginning of the month – I\’ve taken a bite from all their burgers except the Little burger (which is basically a little burger), the Luther burger (with chicken) and the Rosa burger (vegetarian) : I don\’t think those kinds of burgers are really useful – I do need a big steak to be able to call it a burger !

They really put some thought into the decoration and I like that, it\’s a mix of modern and vintage things that you\’ll find in every corner of the restaurant – from the wooden school-like tables and chairs to the vintage typewriter on the counter.
The concept is a great one too : they\’ve called their restaurant Rosaparks to remind people of the men and women who\’ve left their mark on history. Now also the food is amazing : they want people to eat healthily while eating delicious burgers : the food is homemade, it\’s organic and fresh – all good. And so they\’ve called their burgers with the names of these important people, they have an original decoration, an inspiring design and a warm atmosphere to the restaurant.

On a black wall, there are white writings that\’ll keep your mind of the wait of your food : wise quotes of the Prophet Muhammad (SWS), Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali, Nelson Mandela, Albert Camus and many others – it\’s really interesting to learn things this way while you\’re eating – I\’m a fan a this concept ! In another corner of the restaurant, there\’s a bookcase that holds books about these very same people : Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela… and others who\’ve left their mark on history and struggled for vital rights.

The restaurant is often packed with people and you often end up eating next to someone you don\’t know thanks/because of the big tables. I don\’t mind, it\’s more family-like this way. You\’ll pay less than €25 for two for a burger, fries and a classic drink like Ice Tea, Dr Pepper… If you\’ve ever tasted the Rosaparks food – the price is great. If you\’ve never been – what are you waiting for !
The beef meat is French, Charolais, organic and they make the steaks in the restaurant. The bread, sauces and desserts are homemade and basically every products is organic – everyone will love it !

I don\’t know if I like the fries or the burgers better. The fries are crispy on the outside and melting on the inside and there\’s an original taste to them thanks to the addition of paprika – and an authentic look to them, which I love 😉
You can also order Cheese Fries which I\’ve never tasted because the whole meal would have been impossible to finish but they do look stunning.

My favorite burgers are the X, Classic and Gassan ones – they\’re all different and all excellent. You may wait for 10 minutes after you order, especially when the restaurant\’s packed with people. The burgers come wrapped in a white paper with Rosaparks printings, it\’s like a small present and you\’ll just discover beautiful burgers inside – every single time. The cheese is melting, the steak is perfectly cooked, everything tastes wonderful and neither the fries nor the steaks are too salty – some people have salt intolerances so it\’s perfect – I\’ll add some everytime because I need my salt.
I\’ve never tasted their desserts but I\’ve always wanted to – to be honest I struggle to eat all of my burger so I\’ve never thought of ordering a dessert…! Cookies, Carrot Cake, Brownie or Muffin, all is presented really well and it all looks mouthwatering. I\’ve always wanted them to add some cheesecake, but oh well.
Everything is delicious there – and halal too, it\’s really important to say so. The food is delicious, the restaurant is warm in every way – I think I\’m missing Troyes… Anyway, I\’m really happy Rosaparks has opened a branch in Paris – I can\’t wait to go and tell you more ! Do you know this restaurant ? What other places would you recommend ?
The Classic Burger
The X Burger
35 Rue Champeaux 
10000 Troyes
  • • Mardi au jeudi :12h00-14h30 / 19h00-22h
  • • Vendredi :19h00-23h
  • • Samedi/Dimanche :12h00-15h30 / 19h00-23h00
46 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud 
75011 PARIS
  • • Lundi au jeudi :12h00-14h30 / 19h00-22h
  • • Vendredi :19h00-23h
  • • Samedi :12h00-15h30 / 19h00-23h00

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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