Bellapierre Cosmetics – I did expect more from their lipsticks…


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Beautéprivée, Showroomprivé – this kind of private sale website are like a home to me. I\’m not so crazy about private sales that I\’d buy any product from any brand just because it\’s cheaper and it’s limited in time. I used to do that but I don\’t anymore – or just not as often.
Still, it’s not fair to show me a private sale for a brand I\’ve been eyeing for some time because you can be sure I\’ll get everything I can then. In May, I got crazy during a Bellapierre Cosmetics sale on Showroomprivé : I got their 9-eyeshadow stacks (I bought all seven of them for €16 instead of €60 !), some loose eyeshadows as well as three lipsticks I\’m writing about today.

I\’ve looked at dozens of swatches before setting my heart on a few colors even though each lipstick cost €6 instead of €20 on the official website : I wanted to be sure of the colors because I have plenty of lipsticks I can\’t wear because of their color. I\’ve chosen Catwalk, a nude pink, Envy, a brownish pink and Cherry Pop, a burgundy color with slight and almost invisible glitter (weird choice) among the 14 shades Bellapierre has : lipsticks with a creamy finish (the brand doesn\’t have matte lipsticks) that I was sure I was going to be able to wear.
I\’m not a big fan of this packaging because I\’ve  seen €1 lipsticks at the market with the same packaging – well, it\’s still black and silver, simple and does the job. The closing system is a bit fragile and I think the lipstick can open easily in a bag – you have to pay attention to that, especially if you\’ve bought it full price.

These lipsticks smell a strong vanilla scent that you\’d almost mistake it for chocolate. See how the MAC lipsticks smell ? That is nothing compared to the Bellapierre lippies – by the way, I\’ve gotten the MAC Stone lippie a few days ago – can\’t wait to tell you more about it ! They smell much stronger and the scent lingers on your lips… Mmmh… The ingredients are all natural or mineral : natural waxes and mineral pigments, iron oxydes and antioxydants like Vitamin C or E – the entire list of ingredients is right here.
The texture is about the same for all three lipsticks – the quality is the same too, they\’re all as creamy and comfy as the next one. I\’m disappointed in the colors Envy and Catwalk I thought would be darker and/or more visible after I saw swatches on the Internet. I really like Cherry Pop though because it\’s more pigmented faster – and I\’d never say no to a beautiful burgundy color !
To be honest, it\’s not enough. Those lipsticks are not enough. I might as well say I\’m disappointed.
You can barely see Envy on my lips because it\’s all nude and Catwalk is just too pink and too light compared to what I like and what suits my skintone. I like lipsticks that can be seen – I don\’t know of what use a lippie that\’s sheer can be. But I\’m mostly disappointed by their lasting time. Maybe I was expecting more from these because of their price ? But let me tell you, when it comes to these, a creamy lipstick is a creamy lipstick. They\’re amazing to apply, the lipstick slides onto the lips but neither the comfort nor the delicious vanilla scent can erase the fact that they last only 3 to 4, maybe 5 hours, that the colors fades when you eat or drink and transfers like any other creamy lipstick.
Left to Right : Catwalk, Envy and Cherry Pop
I think that the price must be partly explained by the fact that the composition is clean but… it hurts to know I might have paid €20 for a lipstick I can find an equivalent to in terms of finish for just a handful of euros. I cannot and I don\’t want to pay this much for such an average lasting time knowing I already have a huge number of lipsticks at home. Still, I\’m not crazy about their lipsticks but I am crazy about their eyeshadow pigments – we\’ll talk about these soon enough… Do you know the brand Bellapierre Cosmetics ? What would you recommend among their vast line of makeup ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Much more makeup !

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