NYX Opening in La Défense : Of course I was there !

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Last Friday, the first Nyx store in Paris opened at the Quatre Temps mall ! I don\’t know much about this brand, I had only a few Round Lipsticks with beautiful colors but that I haven\’t used yet because I have to take pics before I use them… and only one eyeshadow palette, Wicked Dreams that I\’m not crazy about. I was interested in a few other ranges of products and I really appreciated being able to try them out – of course, I got some too !

The store opened at 10 am but I\’d read reviews from the Marseille and Toulouse openings saying that we had to be there early to be among the first customers and maybe get the surprise pouch : I arrived at 9 am and was among the 100 first girls – the wait was long, oh so long… The line was getting longer and longer behind me and I did have plenty of time to take pics of the store : there was a Times Square-like scenery with screens advertising the Lip Lingerie and Liquid Suede lipsticks, the Jumbo Eye Pencils… there were products, pics of YouTubers and an announcement for Sandrea\’s Meet and Greet the day after. I think the whole scenery was really chic, pro, very American, you know ?
It was really impressing and almost ridiculous to see just how many persones had gotten up early for this opening. There was just much, much wait, even after the opening because the guards let people in 4 by 4, up to 15 by 15 according to how many people were still in the store. Fortunately, my blogger friend Chloé from the blog Chloé la Petite Nymphe arrived shortly before the opening – we had an amazing morning together – not only did I really want to meet her but we also had the chance to bathe in makeup all morning long.

That was not just an opening, it was an event : guards, saleswomen with roll skates, even cameras for the TV ! While I was in line waiting to pay for my stuff, a saleswoman offered to make us up with glittery red lips – why not ?, so I ended up with beautiful cabaret lips. Once out of the store, me and Petite Nymphe asked for a pic to be taken of us both – I felt like a star ! 😀

Well, what about this haul ?!

Of course… Tissam wouldn\’t go to a store opening without getting a few makeup products, would she ? I got five Lip Lingerie lippies (€7.90 : Exotic, Honeymoon, Embellishment, Teddy and Beauty Mark), three Matte Lipsticks (€7.90 : Whipped Caviar and Maison I\’d been wanting for some time and Up the Bass I loved at first sight) and one Liquid Suede Lipstick in Brooklyn Thorn which greyish/brown color leaves me breathless. Greyish/brown, greige or greyish/purple lipsticks are some of my favorite so I was really happy to find these kind of colors in the store.

Just as I was in the line to pay for my makeup, I remembered I\’d been looking for the Mauve Lipliner for ages and had found it nowhere – not even on the French NYX website – I found it, took two and did well too because there was none left when I went back to the store yesterday ! I took five different shades : Mahogany, Espresso, Hot Cocoa, Capuccino et Mauve.
The day after, on Saturday, I wanted to get other lipliners but when I saw just how long the line still was in front of Nyx, I left and went back yesterday : I got the shades Cocoa, Nude Truffle, Never, Burgundy, Natural and Peekaboo Neutral. The most beautiful ones in my mind, the most natural-looking. There were many missing but fortunately I\’d gotten those I was interested in on Friday. I also got the Soft-Spoken Liquid Suede Lipstick after I felt how comfortable Brooklyn Thorn is – I was sad when I saw there was no more Vintage – I\’ll get it some other time and I\’ll also get Stone Fox at the same time… 😉 
There\’s more ! If you were amongst the first 500 customers, you had a small surprise : a fuchsia mouth-shaped pouch that held two makeup products : I got a baked eyeshadow in Rebelle (€5.90) and I swapped my coral Butter Lipgloss with Chloé\’s Summer Breeze Matte Lipstick – she didn\’t mind but I do not wear lipglos anymore so I was really happy to get a matte lipstick !
Also, if you spent more than €70, you got a mini vanity as a gift : on my receipt, I saw that it cost €45… What a great present ! I had a great time this day, I\’m really happy I finally got to go to a store opening : my first one and with a great person too ! Chloé has already published her opening + haul post (in French) and she\’s dedicating the whole week to the Nyx brand on her blog, you should totally check her work out this week ! If you\’d like me to review something quickly, do tell me below ! What other Nyx cosmetics would you particularly recommend that I haven\’t gotten already ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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