Does Miss Beauty London\'s Lipstick Sealer work alright ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

How awful it is to have a wonderful creamy lipstick that\’s not longlasting at all. How very awful it is to spend a twenty on a wonderful lippie that\’s not cost-effective at all. When I was in London, I saw something I\’d never seen before in a Poundworld store : a Lipstick Sealer from the brand Miss Beauty Lonon, a product that you apply on your lipstick so it lasts longer. I hesitated before getting it because it felt like I was bringing back all of London\’s lipsticks but in the last days of my trip, I bought it all the same – one pound is not that much in the end.

Miss Beauty London is a brand that\’s exclusive to the Poundworld chain of stores and I fell in love with their huge range of lipsticks when I was in London – I bought myself 5 shades (plus doubles… no comment please) and I think I\’ll write about these soon – the texture, the smell, the color, I love everything about these lippies and I think that\’s why I bought the Lipstick Sealer too even though I know they\’re really longlasting when I wear them alone – well, at least I have it for creamier, more stubborn lipsticks…

The Lipstick Sealer is in a 7 mL bottle that\’s transparent and red – it\’s really nice that the bottle is transparent because that way we know for sure how much product is left inside.
It\’s very runny, thicker than water and you need to pay attention to how much product you apply on your lips because it runs beyond the lips if there\’s too much. The smell is awful, alcohol-like, very chemical, the kind of smell that makes you want to not use the product. I just tell myself that my lips are protected by the lipstick underneath and I feel better instantly.
There\’s a tingling feeling when you apply the Lipstick Sealer onto the lipstick but after it\’s dry, about 1 or 2 minutes, the weird tingling effect goes away. Do not apply too much otherwise the color of the lipstick gets diluted a bit – which is not what we want, obviously.
Once the product is dry, I feel like I\’m wearing a very light liquid matte lipstick and the feeling of having my lips in a cage fades away by the second and pretty soon, I\’m feeling like I\’m wearing a very comfy creamy lippie. This Lipstick Sealer makes the lipsticks slightly matte. Not totally, but you know for sure that there will be no tranfer everywhere you have it on.
Left : Bellapierre Cosmetics Cherry Pop lipstick only
Right : With the Lipstick Sealer on
Lipstick Only
Lipstick with Lipstick Sealer on
You need to avoid scrubbing your lips together otherwise the lipstick sealer and the lipstick will mix and pieces of the color will be off before you know it. But if you\’re sitting nice and quietly with your lipstick and leaving it alone, it will last for hours. Imagine a liquid matte lipstick that fades in the center when you eat oily food : it\’s exactly the same thing with this product here. It\’s a really nice and efficient product but it\’s not a miracle either, you know ? 😉
Aside from this alcohol smell and the tingling feeling on my lips, I\’m really happy with this one-pound product. I think we really need to ignore the ingredients of this thingy because it must not be all that clean but it\’s nice to know that you\’ll be able to wear your bright red or dark lippie for a few more hours than usual when you use this. Do you know this product ? Do you know other cosmetics that make our makeup last longer ?

Left : Lipstick only
Right : Lipstick with Lipstick Sealer on

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Let\’s Make Up !

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