Loading some ELF makeup to my stash…

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

As you may have seen on Facebook, yesterday I got some really pretty makeup from the brand E.L.F. to try out. I was asked to choose four products and so I chose products for the lips, the eyes and the eyebrows. I can\’t wait to write about these – if you\’d like me to review something quickly, tell me so below the post 😉
I don\’t know how wide ELF\’s makeup range is for I haven\’t tried a lot of their makeup in the past. I use their eyeshadow primers a lot because they\’re simply stunning, I love their Smudge Pot range (at least the only one I\’ve got) and I\’ve gotten two or three ELF gifts from friends but I\’ve not opened them yet – a mascara, a transparent brow mascara… which I might write about soon so you also know a bit more about this very affordable brand.

So, I got things from three ranges of products I\’d been eyeing for some time – I don\’t know how I can possibly spend hundreds of money on some makeup but why I do not order from Eyes Lips Face whereas I want so many things from this website. I\’ve chosen two Matte Lip Color lipsticks which are lip jumboes, in Cranberry (a kind of subtle red) and Wine (a dark pinkish/red).
Matte Lip Colors in Wine and Cranberry, $3

I\’ve also been seeing this Eyebrow Kit everywhere lately so I really wanted to try it for myself. I\’ve chosen the Eyebrow Kit in Ash, a mix of a cool-toned brown wax and a brownish/beige powder. I got this one because I saw swatches on the Internet and people seemed to advise this one to girls who wanted true, natural and non-red eyebrows after applying their eyebrow makeup.

Eyebrow Kit in Ash, $3

The last product I got, I really love it – but then again, I love all the products I got from the brand. The Prism Sunset eyeshadow palette is one of three existing Prism eyeshadow palettes and I\’d been eyeing these colors for some time now – now I\’ve got my hands on it, I can\’t wait to create fall makeup looks ! Yep ladies and gentlemen, I will use this Sunset palette for the beautiful, dying fall season !
It\’s really pigmented and the colors are absolutely stunning, all six of them : I especially love the coral/pink shade that makes my eyes look so much more beautiful and lively in just one brush stroke !
Prism Sunset Palette, $10
I\’m really happy with these new makeup products and I\’ll write about them really soon since I\’ve already started playing around with them ! A huge thanks to Mathilde from the ELF team for letting me try out and talk to you about these amazing makeup ! Have you ever tried the ELF makeup ? Are there products you\’d strongly recommend I try out ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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