I really couldn\'t be any crazier about Kiko\'s Super Colour Eyeliners.

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

I\’m a sucker for eyeliners but I\’ve never be able to draw some perfect cat eyes like the ones we see on YouTube or Instagram – my eyeliner strokes will be shaky till the day I die. Oh well, that doesn\’t stop me from buying new ones as soon as the colors, the finish, the pigmentation and the price persuade me that the eyeliner I\’m looking at is the eyeliner I need (even though I already have three or four blue eyeliners in my collection and never use them because I don\’t like light blue on my eyes).
During the summer sales, I made some clever purchases (for once) : two really pretty Kiko eyeliners from the range Super Colour Eyeliner I\’m crazy about – number 112 Crocodile Green and number 113 Olive Green. And those I do wear 😉

I love how they\’re felt tip eyeliners but what caught my eye are the colors because they\’re subtle yet much more lively than brown or black. They have a metallic finish which is a finish I love when it comes to eye makeup and those two shades are really pigmented.
This is actually why I bought only two colors : even when I shook energically the other shades in the store, the pink, purple, blue eyeliners and other colors of the like remained very sheer, very watery. Maybe that\’s different according to the tester and to the store but for any shade you get, do shake the eyeliner before using it so it\’s pigmented enough and you don\’t have to draw your cat eyes several times.
Number 112 Crocodile Green is a green hue I\’d never seen before buying this eyeliner, a mix of khaki, olive and subtle green. As for Number 113 Olive Green, I don\’t understand why and how it ended up being named that when it\’s actually a mix of metallic beige and golden, a kind of cool-toned brown that looks nothing like olive green.
They\’re really easy to use, both of them, because the tip is really tiny at the end and semi-hard and they dry really quickly too : you don\’t have to sit around for ages with eyes half-open so it doesn\’t transfer on the top of the lid.

Once they\’re dry, they won\’t budge at all during the day. I happened to sleep with these on a few times in order to write about them and they were still around in the morning. Only the inner corners had budged because I tend to rub my eyes when I\’m tired.
I bought these for €3.40 each during the sales but they normally retail for €6.90 : this is a great bargain and you can rest assured that your makeup isn\’t saying goodbye during the day. Do you know this eyeliner range from Kiko ? What eyeliners would you recommend from this brand or any other brand ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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