Cartoon Tattoos – 8 Artists with a Cute and Offbeat Style

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

I may have chosen never to get any tattoos (anyway I like piercings better than tattoos) but that doesn\’t mean I can\’t appreciate this form of art on other people\’s skin. Each and every art must be appreciated, meaning it must be felt and thought over before being liked or disliked, this is my opinion.
The number of Instagram accounts sharing their (wonderful) art, be it makeup, tattoo, sculpture or drawings makes this social media magical. I follow tons of Instagram accounts that offer magical art to the eye and today I\’ve chosen to share my first artistic post with 8 tattoo accounts that are all about basic drawings that you can imagine being from cartoons. The kind of tattoo that\’s fun to look at, that you can imagine getting virtually but not surely. Tattoos that make us say \”WOW\”, not because they\’re specifically beautiful but because the person who\’s going to wear them is bold. I like bold people. Offbeat, cute tattoos – that\’s what I feel like highlighting today on Tissam Est Là.
All of the 8 accounts look a bit alike – which is why I\’ve chosen them -, all you have to do is click on the series of pics to see more of the artist\’s work. If you know more accounts of the like, do tell and tell me whose work you like the best ! 😉
Cate Webb




Koray Karagozler
PS. I had to tell you that the triangular tattoo in the bottom left corner represents Hogwarts… This tattoo artist works with blue, purple and pink watercolor a lot – it\’s feminine, artistic and wonderful.


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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