A new, oh-so-satisfying break-the-bank haul at Cookie\'s Makeup

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

In my Makeup Summer Sales haul, I hinted I\’d gotten some things at Cookie\’s Makeup but given some were on sale and some weren\’t, I didn\’t share them in the sales post. I\’ve chosen products I knew are awesome quality like the Dream Lips Lipliners but also some new things I\’d been willing to try out for some time. It seems like I won\’t ever get tired of this cute store where I\’m always breaking the bank.
Nail Polish
I\’ve been attracted to three Rich Color nail lacquers this time : the two blue nail polishes (#128 and #145)  were on sale at €1 and I got the mauve one (#104) for €2.50. I really love this range of nail polishes and I try to get only one of them every time I come to Cookie\’s Makeup but all the colors are absolutely wonderful and opaque and most of them are fall-like colors, exactly what I\’m fond of.

Then I got two nail polishes from ranges I\’ve never tried : shade 49 from the Express Dry 60 Sec range and shade 32 from the Color Expert range, a kind of burgundy color with golden glitter in it. The first one costs €1.90 and I got the second one on sale for €1.
Finally, I got three nail polishes from the Matte Nail Lacquer range – I already have some bottles from this range and they\’re really beautiful : a taupe color (#06), a grey one (#11) and a cool-toned purple (#09) – I love them, they\’re really beautiful, as is the shape of the bottle.

Eye Makeup
I\’d been eyeing the jumbo eyeshadows for some time now and given they were only €1, I got all the shades I liked – only the Glitter Eyeshadow Crayon I bought for €2.90. A long time ago, I bought a blue shade but I lost it somewhere and can\’t get my hands on it so I was kind of happy to see they were on sale. I hope they\’re great because I always have trouble keeping cream eyeshadows in place because of my oily eyelids.
I also got three eye products I\’m excited about : a Dream Eyebrow Pencil in shade 304, a greyish, natural brown that\’s perfect for my hair color and two eyeshadows which are basic colors and matte : a beige one (#203) and a brown one (#213) for the crease. I\’m going to buy some more matte shades I\’m interested in and then I\’ll review them for you, those €2.90 eyeshadows are honestly something, really pigmented and beautiful.

There is not one time I\’ve been to Cookie\’s Makeup and didn\’t come out of the store without at least one lipstick. A lot of the Vision Lipsticks at €2.50 were out of stock but I managed to get two dark shades that are really pretty, numbers 111 and 120.
I got two Retractable matte waterproof lipliners which are very creamy (#57 and #58), a brown one and a kind of plum/mauve one that cost €3.50 apiece… and 9 new shades of Dream Lips Lipliners for €2.50 – I have already done a post about the first five shades I got a long time ago. I took all the colors that I liked and that I was sure I was going to wear, brown, dark red and even a purple hue that\’ll take me out of my comfort zone in two secs and that deserves a standing ovation for its beauty. I bought two shades of the #524 and I\’m so mad at myself because I could have chosen another new color instead… *no i\’m not addicted to colors*
My last purchases are three new shades of the Matte Lipstick Crayon, jumboes I\’m in love with, comfy and matte : a brown (#21) one and two hues of red, number 04 and number 20.
These are all new and very pleasant cosmetics I\’ve gotten and I\’m so, so, so eager to write more about them so you can get them for yourselves too ! Do you know some of the products I\’ve bought ? What would you recommend from the brand Golden Rose ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Even more makeup… Down there !

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