My September Wishlist : some beautiful finds I can\'t wait to get my hands on…

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Even though I\’ve shared no August favorites (I only had three or four things to show so I didn\’t think they deserved their own post), of course I\’m sharing my famous beginning-of-the-month wishlist – one of the articles that makes me really happy because it allows me to dream for free. Not exactly free since most of the time I end up trying to buy all that is on my wishlist. September\’s Wishlist is mainly made of makeup (as per usual, right ?) and nice little finds.

1. MAC Stone – a brown lipstick with cool, almost grey undertones that\’s everything I like and that\’ll be my next MAC purchase for sure. I didn\’t say it would be the only one though 😉
2. NYX Matte Maison : it\’s almost a dupe for Stone, a very cool brown too. I\’ll add to that Ultra Dare (a grey lippie) and Whipped Caviar (a mauve lipstick) as well as some others that I would love to buy when the NYX store opens in Paris on September 16th.
3. House of Uni Lipsticks : they\’re all $9 and they have some great and weird colros too – they\’re all so beautiful and most are too often out of stock. Someday I\’ll get my hands on some of them !
4. Juvia\’s Place Nubian 2 Eyeshadow Palette : that palette is perfect for any time of the year but I feel it will be perfect for the soon-to-come fall – the swatches I found online have shown me how greatly pigmented this baby is.
5. Zoeva Smoky Eyeshadow Palette : the first times I saw swatches of the Smoky Palette, it didn\’t feel it was of much interest yet lately, I\’ve seen swatches on another blog and I fell litterally in love with it. It\’s not that expensive, €22 and soon I\’ll have my hands on it.
Les ongles
1. MoYou London\’s Africa Stamping Plates : I especially love plate number 8 (on the picture above) which I\’d use for matte nail arts but they\’re all really beautiful.
2. MoYou London\’s Clear Stamper : I already have two stampers from MoYou London but the clear stamper I\’ve gotten from Born Pretty Store is driving me crazy because lately it\’s been stamping only parts of the patterns I want to stamp and so I want and need a clear stamper that would really make my life and nail arts creations easier.
3. Essence Gel Nail Polishes – I already have several shades I bought off Maquillalia (among which my great Wild White Ways polish) I really love and there\’s been a restock a few days ago so I think I\’ll get me some more soon.

1. David McCandess\’ books Information is Beautiful and Knowledge is Beautiful. Infography, such a great and creative way to learn things !
2. Tragus Opal Studs from ThrowBackAnnie\’s Etsy store – I\’ve got one tragus piercing in London and I\’m thinking of getting a double tragus piercing on the other ear in some time in which I would like to have two white or two pink opal studs – these are really wonderful and cheap too, about €6 each with low shipping.
3. Armani Prive Myrrhe Impériale perfume – this is dope. There was a woman wearing it while I was waiting for the bus at the Champs Elysées and I smelled a strong perfume partly made of oud – I went and asked her what she was wearing. This is wonderful but it costs about €200 so I have no intention of buying it. I feel good including it in my wishlist anyway, you know ? It just makes me happy. Do you know some things in my wishlist ? What is your own wishlist for September ? 😉

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

And because today\’s the first day of school…

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