16 Breathtaking movies that will make you think (or leave you confused)

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I don\’t think we can ever count how many movies are produced and seen every year – the number is too phenomenal. The Hollywoodian machine can\’t seem to take a break, you see hot guys on TV and at the theater, it seems the scenarios are always slightly similar… but there are some movies that sometimes stand out from the crowd of overused beauty and lines which make me think about important matters be it through the story, the characters\’ interaction or the topics of the movie.
Here are 16 movies of different genres that will hopefully make you think too even when you didn\’t think there was anything to think about while watching them. I like all of these movies very much and the order I\’ve put them in doesn\’t mean I like the first one more than the last one, FYI. I\’m going to try and summarize each with my own words without spilling all the beans about the story.
1. 500 Days of Summer (2009)
A story about fate, feelings, finding each other and losing each other – the voice at the beginning of the movie tells us \”this is a story of boy meets girl, but you should know up front this is not a love story\”. Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel.
2. Forrest Gump (1994)
The story of a small boy with an extremely low I.Q. whose ability to always be there at the right time will bring in evermore impressing situations – luck ? Fate ? Through his eyes, we live extraordinary things, American college, war, love… A masterpiece starring Tom Hanks, a classic I\’ve seen maybe at least 20 times after which a chain of seafood restaurants, Bubba Gump, has been opened.
3. Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

A young and poor indian boy participates in the Indian version of \”Who wants to be a millionaire?\”, a way to find again his childhood love. He suceeds in answering all the questions thanks to all the events that have taken place in his life. A mix of present scenes and flashbacks that explain how he knows all the answers, a difficult movie at times, very realistic and breath-taking.
4. The Family Man (2000)
A man who chose his professional career instead of choosing love with his girlfriend when he was in college gets magically thrown one day to the family life he\’d have had had he chosen this path.
5. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)
A salesman is having the hardest time providing for his family and he does everything he can so a trading company offers him a job. He starts with an internship and will do anything to be happy with his son. A very beautiful, sometimes difficult movie starring Will Smith and his son.
6. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)
The story of a shy and ordinary man who starts living his life instead of dreaming it.  Ben Stiller is really great in that role and… That makes you want to do the same !

7. Exam (2009)
Now that is one excellent psychological thriller – my favorite kind of movie. Eight people are interviewing for an excellent job at a very secret company. They have 80 minutes to answer a question that will get them th job. Problem : they don\’t have the question and they have to follow three rules : don\’t leave the room, don\’t talk to the watchdog and don\’t waste your paper. This movie is stunning and I couldn\’t recommend it more.

8. American History X (1999)
To avenge the death of his father killed by a black dealer, a young man sinks deeper and deeper into racism and white race superiority and gets arrested for murder. During his time in jail, he understands that his “brothers” aren\’t the people he thought they were. Once out of jail, he\’s going tp try and change his young brother’s mind about races, who has been sinking into the same spiral of hatred meanwhile.

9. The Experiment (2010)
Twenty voluntary men agree to participate in a two-week behavior study in the prison world in exchange for $1.000 ever day. Ten of them become convicts whereas the other half becomes guards. The movie was inspired by the 1971 Stanford Experiment and you can easily match the story and the Milgram Experiment – you should totally check these experiments out for they\’re uber interesting when it comes to behavior and human responsibility.
10. The Hunger Games (2012)

A wonderful futuristic dystopia in which the Capitol, the capital of Panem, a country built on the ashes of the USA, forces each of the 12 districts to send one boy and one girl every year as tributes as a means of intimidation and punishment to fight until there\’s just one left while the Capitol watches the event on TV.

11. Limitless (2011)
Bradley Cooper in the role of a struggling writer who discovers NZT, a secret pill that helps you use all of your cerebral abilities. That\’s a very good movie that makes me dream and there was a TV Show spin-off that is also very cool.

12. Night Call (2014)
Jake Gyllenhaal couldn\’t be any more creepy in this thrilling movie as he stars a shameless man who makes himself the director of crime scenes\’ movies. There\’s no hesitation from him when he needs blackmail someone who can be useful to or when he needs to move bodies… He is absolutely disgusting in this role – this is why you should watch it.
13. Un monde meilleur (2001)
A twelve-year-old boy needs to work on a study subject for work : find a solution to make the world a better place. His solution is to selflessly help three persons who will in their turn help three people. He initiates the process by helping his mom, his teacher and a homeless man – that\’s a very interesting movie.
14. Pleasantville (1998)
Pleasantville is the story of a brother and a sister who are sucked into a utopic, black and white 50s TV Show, Pleasantville and who, as they become part of the cast, break all the habits, codes and rules of the apparently-perfect characters.

15. Ruby Sparks (2012)
A young famous writer is struggling to write again. He is encouraged to write about the girl of his dreams and she appears one day, real and exactly how he\’s imagined her.

16. The Wave (2008)
A teacher decides to conduct a week-long experiment and creates a dictatorial regime when he sees how convinced his students are that an autocratic regime wouldn\’t be able to take place in Germany. In just a few days, the experiment goes wrong and the students get more and more extreme in their talk and actions. The movie is inspired by a real experiment that took place in 1967 in the USA. Do you know some of these movies ? Would you recommend some other movies of the kind ?

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