3 Nail Arts that might make you want to go back to school earlier

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

If I\’m lucky enough, I\’ll start the work-study contract to be a Community Manager on September 26 if I end up finding a company that\’ll hire me for a year – it\’s really not that easy but I\’ve an interview in Paris on Tuesday – I really hope I get in. If I find no company, this is will end up being another wasted year I guess, for that\’s what I want to do and nothing else.
I\’ll study for a year more and I would like to go back to school after that, always in the Web area, like Community Manager or something of the like. I still have little less than a month to take my time and make up cute and time-eating nail arts before I go back to the real world. As the third episode of my Back to School series, here are three nail art which might almost make you want to go back to school earlier…

I did try to create the famous American lined copybook pattern on my nails – it was merely impossible with my still-clumsy hands to get fine and thin lines. The pictures make my nail art look pretty beautiful – well, pictures lie. I\’ve tried to create the complete nail art three times and seeing as I couldn\’t get anything pretty and stunning as I\’d have liked it to be, I\’ve just painted the skeleton of the copybook. This is so funny that I wanted to publish this fail anyway if anyone would like to make something out of this. I can\’t seem to be able to use striping tape either properly ; my polish always runs down on my nails… Work is the key but if anyone\’s got tips to get beautiful lines with the tape, I\’ll take them gladly !
As soon as I\’d decided I\’d do a nail art post for my Back to School series, I knew I\’d use my Revlon Chalkboard nail polish in Homecoming that\’s been asleep in a drawer somewhere at home for at least 6 months : it\’s a double nail polish with a matte black side and a light matte purple polish on the other side. Here is an example of how it looks, I\’ve personnally bought it off FragranceDirect but I\’m not sure this website ships nail polishes to France anymore – I\’ll have to see about that. One the simple square root nail art was done, I applied a matte topcoat by the brand Pretty. The result is very chic, I really like matte nail polishes and that makes me think I have some really nice colors to show you from the brand Golden Rose.
This is actually my favorite nail art out of the three. It took me a lot of time to do it but I knew what mistakes I\’d done in the past with reverse stamping, so it was beautiful on the first try. I used my wonderful Essence Wild White Ways nail polish as a base (now that I\’ve found the perfect white nail polish, you won\’t hear the end of it, I swear !) and stamped a satchel, Converse sneakers and a notebook. I\’d like to point how I\’ve filled the eraser and the tip of the pencil that goes with the notebook. I was so stressed out I would color out of the tiny spaces that I\’m really proud of how it turned out. By the way, which of these nail arts is actually your favorite ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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