My Plan to Learn any Lesson Easily – in 5 Steps

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There are so many times in my school life I\’ve looked at my copybooks helplessly and didn\’t understand what the heck I was supposed to do or learn whereas I had a test soon or worse, the day after. Schoolyear after schoolyear, I\’ve put together a plan so I could learn my lessons more easily. Of course, I\’m not on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or doing anything else while I\’m trying to learn something so I\’m really focused and don\’t waste my time. Here are 5 tips that\’ve really helped me out and will continue to do so all my life.
1/ In Class – Notes in the margin
When I\’m in class, I write what the teacher is saying or writing on the board and when he\’s not speaking anymore, I\’ll summarize the important information in the margin with a pencil. That is actually the best piece of advice I can give you because that\’s the one I\’ve been practicing the longest.
Once I\’m back at home, the lesson does seem shorter and there seems to be much less info to learn, especially when I\’ve already made the effort of showing my brain which things are important to learn when I was in class. Then, if you want, you can add all the info up on another piece of paper – what is easier to look at and understand is in extenso easier to learn.

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2/ At home – Piece by Piece !
That\’s something we\’d all like to do at the beginning of the schoolyear but through two weeks of school the good habit is already gone. Eating a bit of cake every day is easier than eating one cake in one time. I do not think it\’s harder to learn many things in one time because it depends on your memory and the trust you put into it. However, I do think that by dint of trying to cram much, much info in your head, you\’ll just get sick of it and stop working. That is dangerous because that might lead you to not learn important lessons or subjects.
This is where notes in the margins are important (just names, dates, battles and so on, no need for more as the brain will make the connections itself !). If you work a bit everyday, though it\’s no fun, you won\’t need to take breaks often which will just make you want to stop working. If you\’re having a hard time learning and working at home, just go out ! To the library, to the coffeeshop, to the park… I work more efficiently when I\’m out of my house because there are just less distractions outside : no nail art tools, no new lippies to try out… I also always work on my own. Some people need to work with other people but I don\’t because being with other people makes me less focused and less prone to working and I always end up doing something else.

3/ At home – Practice !
I strongly feel that practice is a huge part of learning. Of course, this is more aimed at subjects like Math, Physics, Sciences, Languages… I will start by practicing and doing exercises with the lesson and then without. Practicing this way is a good way of getting used to test conditions when you\’re allowed nothing.
4/ Anywhere – Going through your lessons in your head
When I\’m washing the dishes, when I\’m in a line waiting, anywhere and any time, I\’ll force my brain to remember the lesson, the formulas, the dates and importants moments of History… I can also ask myself questions I\’ll answer, try and create introduction/development/conclusion plans… These are things I\’m going to have to do on the day of the test anyway so the sooner I get myself used to think like I\’m in test conditions, the better. I can also help myself with my cell and the QuickMemo app : for instance, if I have 10 irregular verbs to learn and want to be sure the 10 add up.
5/ Finally – Asking someone to ask questions
That\’s not a method I\’ve worked a lot with but I know my sister loves it because it helps her see what she\’s left to learn. It\’s convenient to ask someone questions and vice versa because you keep learning when asking the questions and you\’re testing yourself when it\’s your turn to answer them. What are your own practical methos to learn any lesson efficiently ?

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