Back To School Lookbook – 3 Outfits

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Even though I\’m not sure where I\’ll be going or what I\’ll be doing come schooltime, it was important to me to do a Back to School series with nail arts, outfits and some advice to be the best student you can be this year.
I feel like a Back to School series can\’t exist if there\’s no Lookbook so I\’ve chosen three outfits of different styles and mix them into one post. The first outfit is an everyday outfit, the second one is tainted with boho fashion and the last outfit is fashion and bold. I really enjoyed creating this lookbook and I\’d have loved to add more outfits to it but the number of pics just would have been too big for anyone\’s computer.

One day in college
This is the college 101 outfit to me, one that I wear everyday and that I could easily wear on a back to school day because it\’s so simple and doesn\’t attract much attention – when you know no one where you\’re going, you don\’t particularly want to attract anyone\’s attention on the first day.

Turban – Purple, No brand
Denim Shirt – Primark
Backpack – Eastpak
Jeans – H&M Basics
Shoes – Nike Blazer leather effect
Lipstick – Primark PS… Velvet Matte in Uncovered
Septum Piercing – Aztec Style

Bolder than bold
This is my favorite outfit out of the three. I really felt like myself while I was wearing it. A turban and shoes that match, fashion, tight, grey lipstick and a septum ring I love. Mixing items from different styles is so me !
Turban – Blue/Green Unbranded
Dress – H&M
Jeans – H&M Basics
Shoes – Potomac
Lipstick – Copy of Lime Crime in Cement
Nail Polish – Essence Gel Nail Polish in Wild White Ways
Tote Bag – Denim Primark
Septum Piercing – Rose Gold Hoop
Rings – Primark & White Ceramic
Urban Boho
This is the last outfit I shot and the only one I didn\’t choose : I actually let my sister mix some things together to get a semi-boho, semi-urban look on a pink basis. We added some accessories to get a more boho look with the white braid, the patterns of the dress, the bag and the bracelets but we forgot to add the rings ! Which style would you be ready to wear for a first day of school ? Which is your favorite outfit out of the three ?
Turban – Pink Maxi Hijab, Unbranded
Dress – Camaïeu
Jeans – H&M Basics
Shoes- Adidas Gazelle
Lipstick – Miss Cop Crayon Gloss Smoothy in Nude
Bag – Primark
Septum Piercing – Purple Strass (1.6mm, 8mm)
Bracelets – Kenza

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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