What I do to get beautiful, shiny, OMG nails easily

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Let us say this is not an actual nailcare routine. I don\’t like reading or writing routine posts but I know that you might use some of my advice to get even more beautiful nails. Can we say that a series of rituals makes a routine ? And so that this post is a routine ? Stop being so picky.
1. Hydration
Anything that\’s dehydrated is nasty. Everything must be beautiful, the nail and what\’s around it too. When I hydrate my face before going to sleep, I use natural oils (coconut, sweet almond, monoi…) and I\’ll just massage the excess oil into my hands and nails.
From time to time, I also dip my fingertips in half a lemon to whiten them a bit – they won\’t be all white but they\’ll be a bit more beautiful.
2. Softness
I do not cut my cuticles any longer because the tools that are made to do so damage my cuticles and nails and in extenso nasty to look at. I just push them back with my nails or with a wooden cuticle stick very softly so as not to hurt myself. I don\’t bite the skin around my nails, I prefer to hydrate it so that my nails always look good.
3. A Cuticle Remover
I love this Konad Cuticle Remover which costs about €5. I always use this nailcare when I have some cuticles stuck on my nails : in this case, all I have to do is apply some of this really liquid formula at the base of the nails, right under the cuticles. Its action is quick and you shouldn\’t let it rest for long otherwise you\’ll take of bits of the surface of your nails with it when you\’ll take it off – it\’s really that efficient.
4. Nail Items !
I hate nail clippers but sometimes it\’s useful to use one. I\’ll cut the tip of my nails and I\’ll end with a glass file so I don\’t end up with a round nail shape that I dislike. I heard somewhere that glass files are more efficient than any other files, I don\’t know about that but I love these for the work is done quickly and cleanly (I have the ones from the brand Max & More). PS. In the pic below, I have nothing on my nails, no topcoat or anything. See how shiny these nails are ? 😉
I\’ll file my nails into a short, square shape : I think the result is cleaner and more beautiful (WHO wears 12-cm acrylic nails if not the Instagram chicks ?). Then I use my favorite item : a nail polisher with four sides to it : file, buffer, smooth & shine. I don\’t know which side works the best but I love it – it\’s super useful to get your nails even and shiny. Then, I use a wooden stick or a toothpick if I have nothing else at hand to create a circle arc under the whites of my nails.
Topcoat (Optional)
When I\’m done with this small routine, sometimes I want my nails to be even more beautiful and shiny so I\’ll just go with a simple topcoat ; my fave is Cien\’s topcoat from Lidl, it costs two euros and is a great quality. This is a simple routine that relies on the shape of the nail and how white and how shiny they are – that\’s all that I like to see on healthy nails. Do you have some advice I could use to get even more beautiful nails, some rituals I could blend in my nailcare routine ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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