The only Lipgloss that makes my eyes shine

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

When I started wearing makeup, I was terrified by lipstick. I hadn\’t enough confidence in myself to wear some other color than my natural lipcolor, especially while wearing the hijab. Naturally, I started wearing lipgloss so my makeup looks would look complete even without lipstick and they would remain subtle.
Almost two years later and more than 200 lipsticks in my room (I\’m not sure that\’s even the right number, I\’m pretty sure there are many more), lipglosses are part of my past – except one I\’m about to talk about, one that makes my lips shine – my eyes too when I use it.

A Golden Rose product AGAIN ?! When it comes to lip products, I know I can trust this brand. The marvel I\’m showing you today is a 5.6 mL lipgloss from the range Color Sensation, number 127 Rose fondu? I bought it from Cookie\’s Makeup for €3.90.
I love just how opaque and non-sticky this lipgloss is, it really reminds me of a liquid lipstick. The applicator seems to be the same as the Longstay Liquid Matte\’s and applying this is as easy as it is with the very liquid and fluid texture of the Longstay lipsticks. Let\’s talk about this wonderful color too !, a beautiful mauve color that I don\’t know how to describe, it\’s so beautiful and everyday-like, perfect for work or school without being So 90s in the States.
I really like this lipgloss that lasts about the same time as a basic lipgloss, about 3 to 4 hours without being sticky like a basic lipgloss – which is one of the reasons I don\’t wear much lipgloss anymore. I also have to talk about the scent – it smells so much of vanilla, like ice cream, much more gourmet than the Velvet Matte or Longstay Liquid Matte lipsticks – just wow. I just cannot wait to try out other colors from this range, especially the dark purple \”Aubergine\” color as well as the sister range Luxury Rich Color Lipgloss (€6.50 for 9 mL) that offers 11 colors, among which Cannelle Rosée, Violine or Lie de Vin that\’ll be perfect for fall. Do you know these lipgloss ranges from Golden Rose ? Are there some cosmetics you\’d like to try out from this brand ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Get to know other stunning makeup from Golden Rose !

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