The best white nail polish EVER

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Not long after starting to create nail arts, I understood that white nail polish is more than a basic in this art, it\’s vital. I then looked everywhere for a white nail polish which would be opaque in just two coats because all those that I had are either shimmery and/or need four coats to be opaque. But when you want to create a gradient nail art or any other nail art and you know you\’ll have at least five coats of polish on your nails… you just want the most efficient base color.

I found this efficient nail polish, Essence\’s Gel Nail Polish #33, called Wild White Ways. I bought two bottles straight from Maquillalia (I have this huge Maquillalia haul getting bigger by the month and I should defo publish it sometime !) as well as several other Gel Nail Polish colors – they\’re €1.99 a bottle so I chose all the colors that I liked and that weren\’t out of stock.

I really like all this Gel range from Essence – I honestly can\’t wait to move over to Paris and take a few bottles every time I go to Auchan to shop for food. The bottles are childlike, very round, the texture is easy to work with and really opaque in two coats and the price is really low. This is what I\’d been searching for and using this for any nail art makes the result really clean and beautiful. What I\’d like would be for the bottle to be bigger for 8mL is little compared to how often I use this nail polish. BUT if you compare this €1.99 nail lacquer to Essie\’s Blanc that costs more than €10… It\’s easy to make a choice 😉 Have you ever tried Essence\’s Gel range ? What are you faves from the brand makeup wise ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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