Shame in a Monoprix Store

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

I contemplated not publishing this post but actually, you know what ? Fuck – this is my blog and I\’ll write whatever I please on it. I\’m really mad as I\’m writing this, maybe I will no longer be when I publish it but even though I didn\’t understand what was happening at the moment, right now I just want to let off some steam with this blog.
Last Friday, I went with my sister to buy her new Eastpack backpack for school (the brand is very important just for the fact that she\’s been talking about getting an Eastpack bag for at least a year). After she (finally) bought her bag, we took a walk in downtown Troyes, went to several stores and as I was getting hungry, we went to Monoprix. I waved at the guard to ask him if we should open our bags but he waved in a way that said \”Go on, it\’s okay\” (I had a backpack and my sister had a small handbag).
We went to the makeup department (for me) and then to the stationary department (for my sister) – I felt the guard walk by us and walk away. I felt we were being watched and so I told my sister to get a move on, telling her that she wasn\’t going to buy her school stuff here anyway – yep, everything is damn expensive in this store.
I kept walking and bought some stuff (OJ, Tyrrell\’s Poshcorn and Doowap buns, and yes I\’m unveiling all my life here) and then made to leave the store. At that moment, the guard stopped us and told us that apparently we\’ve been shopping so can he see what we bought, the bill and the inside of our bags. Of course, I showed him what we got and… fuck, I had some Air Wick stuff I took from my parents\’ home to make a post about, some stuff that you spritz into the air and that smells really good and that my parents use for the restroom.

The guard saw those and asked us if it didn\’t come to mind to tell him I had them in my bag.

First of all, I\’m not constantly thinking about my restroom items and second of all, I waved at him so he could look into my bag and this lazy-ass didn\’t do his job. In any other store, we\’re asked to show what we have in our bags as soon as we arrive.

Well what did he do ? He called the store manager, asked how old we were to know if we were underage and leads us to a room at the far end of the store. We were asked to empty our bags entirely, which we did. In the bag, OF COURSE there was nothing that belongs to the store except what we bought. I had a book in my bag and the guard asked the store manager \”Do we have similar books here ?\” – this guy WANTED me to have stolen something, how crazy is that ?! After 5 minutes, the store manager asked me if he could go and scan the products to see if they belong to the store – what the fuck was he waiting for this whole time ?!
They both looked so dumb because both products had already been used… and my mom had bought them at Carrefour… so the barcodes were completely different. 

The guard even had the balls to ask my sister \”I saw you going to the stationary department, did you take anything from there ?\” and she firmly answered \”Of course I did not !\”.
We\’re allowed to leave, OF COURSE, it would have been the cherry on top if we couldn\’t and the guard and the store manager recommended us to show our bag if we had something that could belong to the store the next time we come in – NEXT TIME ?! While that effin\’ guard was following us (yes sir, following two women in hijab, that must be convenient, now mustn\’t it), we wasn\’t looking into somebody else\’s bag, he wasn\’t following anyone else. Yep, I mean what I\’m saying – it was us and no one else, two young women in hijab.
The guard even had the balls to say that \”we\’re not accusing you of anything\”. LOL. What next time ?! This store has lost at least two customers – me, my sister and the rest of my family. Did you know that the Monoprix stores check your bag when you enter the store and when you come out of it too, like everyone\’s a thief whereas they wouldn\’t make a CENT if it weren\’t for customers ? If you come to France, just go to another store – every store is cheaper and customer-friendlier. Too bad for you, I used to spend about 10 bucks every two days to buy Tyrrell\’s crisps there – it\’s not like Monoprix can afford to lose customers, what with the awfully high prices they have. Well, their Doowap buns definitely left a taste for no other helping.

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