Magically Yours, Taking the Making of Harry Potter Tour

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

If you set aside shopping for makeup, the most interesting thing I got to do in London was visiting the Warner Bros Studios to see The Making of Harry Potter. My sister turned 15 that very same day and so she got to enter Hogwarts by herself, meaning she got to push the doors to the Great Hall as is the tradition when it\’s someone\’s birthday. Aside from being able to take the Tour for the second time, we\’ve been delighted to see that a few props and movie sets had been added just for the sake of the 15th Anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher\’s Stone.
I\’m so disappointed I couldn\’t share all the pics I wanted to share but I had to make a selection to show you a bit of everything : movie sets, details, accessories… I had more than 400 pics and narrowed them down to 86, then to a bit less than 30. when initially I had 20 to show you (I was weak and told myself I could take some more, that it would hurt no one). Still, if you would like to see more pics of this stunning day out, do tell me and I\’ll post a new blog with more views of the Making Of Harry Potter 😉

You\’ve got props and accessories and movie sets of all the movies mixed in the WB Studios, there\’s the Ministry of Magic close to Umbridge\’s office, there\’s the Great Hall and all the wigs used during the movies, Snape\’s Potions room and Molly\’s kitchen, Goblins\’, Dobby and Nearly Headless Nick\’s masks… It\’s a big mix of things and sets that will take you away to Harry\’s world, a must see for any Harry Potter fan.
This year, we also got to go in Privet Drive, make Fluffy\’s drool and the troll from the first movie\’s glanders, see the Hogwarts Express and taste Butterbeer and Butterbeer Ice Cream.
The Great Hall
Movie Sets
Diagon Alley

Ministry of Magic and Voldemort born again

Some props

Leaving for Hogwarts

4, Privet Drive

And so we come to the Backlot Café to taste Butterbeer and Butterbeer Ice Cream… Butterbeer is a mix of really thick, sugary cream that almost looks like a beer and like soda under that\’s absolutely disgusting. We ate all of the cream for it was stunning but left the soda – the mix of both is not a great idea. It\’s pretty expensive too, £3.95. If you are not keen on wasting money, do buy the Butterbeer Ice Cream ! It\’s a really thick and creamy ice cream with something that tastes like caramel on it – it is a delicious, exquisite ice cream I\’d definitely buy again if I went back to the Studios, even though it costs £4.95 (I keep thinking in French so that\’s an ice cream that cost almost €7).
This day out was outstanding and we enjoyed it much more than the first time we went there for this time we really took out time and enjoyed every bit of the tour. Have you ever been to the Warner Bros Studios – The Making of Harry Potter ? Are you a fan of the movies and the books ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

More exciting stuff about London !

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