An (almost) huge makeup Haul straight from London

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

I\’ve been waiting for a week to publish this post. Now\’s finally the time to show you all the great makeup I\’ve brought back from London last week – almost exclusively lippies. I\’m crazy about lipsticks and given how hot the weather still is, I wear no eyeliner nor eyeshadow so lipsticks are most of my day-to-day makeup. I\’ve gone crazy in four stores : MAC, Primark, Poundworld and Superdrug.
I\’ve bought my first two MAC lipsticks ever in the Camden Town branch : Whirl and Antique Velvet. I love matte and brown lippies and both are awesome. Seeing them at £15.50 instead of €19 in France (I agree, that\’s the same thing but it\’s some kind of mind trick) convinced me to get them. The drying effect of matte MAC lipsticks is not a myth – but at least I\’m sure they\’re longlasting. We\’ll talk about these soon 😉
I had a large sum of money planned for Primark makeup because it\’s really difficult to get it in France (French Primark stores only have some shades like nude, red and wine and that\’s it). I\’ve gone to four or five branches to find all of these colors – I can\’t wait to write about the Velvet Matte jumboes and the PS lipliners ! I\’ve tried one color of liquid matte lipstick so far but the texture is awful on this one – I\’ll see if the same goes with the other shades.
I\’ve bought 5 creamy lipsticks for 80 pence and a glossy mauve jumbo lipstick. I\’ve also gotten a 3-pound lipstick sealer, three nail polishes with awful brushes and two really greedy Hershey\’s and Reese\’s lipbalms – the Reese\’s one really smells like the peanut butter cups.
And then I also got three makeup bags : whenever I go to Primark I always get at least one. Each cost between £3 or £4. I\’ll share a post with all my makeup bags someday – I\’m in love with each and every one of them.

I\’ve gotten some pretty great things in Poundworld given that all the things I got were £1 : I\’ve discovered the brand Miss Beauty London so I\’ve bought a great lipstick sealer and five really beautiful lipsticks. I can\’t wait to review them, they\’re great quality creamy lipsticks and if you have no way of coming to London you can still buy them off Ebay. The last lipstick I got is a Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in shade 19, the first one I have from this range of lipsticks.
I\’ve bought two packs of nail buffers : I love these accessories, as well as three nail lacquers : Revlon\’s Midnight and Bold Sangria (this is my second Midnight bottle, I love it) and a wonderful Nails Inc. mustard yellow polish. These are all great bargains so I recommend you go there and check out what they have in stock for you !


To get all the things and hues I wanted from Superdrug I went to at least 5 Superdrug stores in London. If you want something specific, avoid going to the main branches like Oxford Street because the most interesting things are often out of stock given how many people walk by this street. Go to peripherical stores like the one in Angel (Chapel Market). I\’ve discovered and fallen in love with the brand MUA : for one pound, I got four creamy and matte lipsticks. The liquid matte lipsticks cost £3 each and I\’ve bought some more colors off the French website for €4.99 – these are my crushes, I love them and can\’t wait to write about them. I\’ve also bought two mauve and nude lipstick palettes for £3 each.
I\’ve also bought two Sleek Matte Me lipsticks, those I needed to see the color of before buying them off the Internet – Velvet Slipper and Bittersweet.
My last purchases are matte Gosh lippies that cost £6.99 but I got them on a Buy 2 Get 3 offer – I didn\’t hesitate for long !
Aside from all these things I\’ve also bought stuff that don\’t belong to makeup : maxi scarves, a denim tote bag, a Primark Lazy Arm Phone Holder… I\’d planned a large sum of money to spend in London and I\’m really happy with most of the things I found ! If you want me to review something quickly, do say so down in the comments !

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

There\’s so much more to London to discover…!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tu as acheté beaucoup dis donc ! J'aimerais beaucoup tester la marque MUA ! Et Sleek Makeup tu peux les trouver en Belgique chez di 🙂


  2. Anonymous says:

    Oui, je me suis bien fait plaisir ! Malheureusement, je suis en France alors c'est sur Internet pour moi pour le moment ! 😀


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