Visiting Camden Town & Borough Market

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

The youth hostel I had booked beds in for my sister and I is 5 Tube stations away from Camden Town – seeing as there are so many things to see and do in this place and that we shopped for food at Camden Town\’s Lidl, we went there every single day – and enjoyed it thoroughly. I want to show you Camden Town and its famous market and since we stumbled upon Borough Market one day, I\’ve gathered the pics I\’ve taken from all these beautiful, lively places in the hope they will take you away.
Camden Town

Camden Town is such a young and lively place where you can find each and every style, where there\’s street art everywhere and where you can eat without breaking the bank. There\’s a Superdrug I\’ve been to a few times and I\’ll show you what I\’ve gotten there on Saturday (yep, my beauty haul is planned to be released on Saturday !). I\’ve also bought my first two MAC lipsticks, Whirl and Antique Velvet, at Camden Town\’s MAC store. You also figure very quickly that there are many French people in London when you visit Camden Town !
I almost got my nostril redone there but I recalled how hard it was to clean my face after I got the first one done so instead I got my tragus redone a few days after in Acton Town, a beautiful souvenir I brought back to France.

Camden Lock
It\’s Camden Town\’s market where you can find many, many things but I hate that sellers are trying to force you to buy things, hollering at you so you\’ll look at what they\’re selling.. By all means don\’t look interested in anything ! Trendy T-shirts, food to go, art, piercings (almost bought one that was beautiful but that I didn\’t need at all given how many septum piercings I have !)… You can buy so many things there.
Borough Market
I really liked Borough Market, a market that can be found close to the Shard and London Bridge but I was quite disappointed in its size. After watching YouTube videos there, I did think it was a huge market but it\’s actually human-sized. It\’s a cute, really lively market.
Vegan food, cheese, huge chunks of chocolate, cakes, veggies, dishes to go… Standing ovation to the English strawberries, small and so tasty unlike the big fat tasteless straws we\’ve got here in France because most come from Spain anyway. I think Borough Market is dedicated to food and OMG does it smell amazing in this place ! I almost bought things I didn\’t need there whereas I had my meal prepared in my bag. Greed ! Do you know Camden Town and Borough Market ? Would you go and visit these places ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

More London…

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