Shopping on a Budget – Poundworld Stores

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

I\’m dedicating this second post of my all-London week of posts to a chain of stores I really like ; Poundworld (not to be mistaken with its rival Poundland which is to be found in several places in London too).
You can get anything and everything in these stores where everything costs one pound : candy, scrapbooking tools and decorations, hygiene products, kitchenware, coloring books, makeup… Once in London, when you figure just how expensive life is (especially food), you watch your money closely if you want to bring home some nice souvenirs – which I\’ve done, bringing back all of UK\’s makeup, so it seems. By the way I strongly advise you should shop at Lidl once in London – this chain of stores isn\’t depressing in London as it is in France and their products are actually quality products there (never from concentrate fruit juices, vegetables that are actually tasty…) and less expensive than anywhere else – there\’s a branch in Camden Town which is closest to the center of London.
In Poundworld, you\’ll find tools for the home, kitchenware, things to make DIYs and scrapbooking…

Candies of all kinds, from Cadbury chocolate to Haribo candies – I\’ve gotten myself a few packs of Reese\’s Peanut Butter Cups and two packs of light blue tropical Skittles which are pretty hard to find for a decent price in France.

Even Yankee Candle wax melts ! I\’ve also seen YC votives for 1 pound in a market – I was really surprised when I figured it was much easier to get your hands on this brand in London than in France !

Hygiene products with all the brands that are well-known to us in France : Lynxc (called Axe in France), Dove, Sure (called Rexona in France), soaps, shower gel, lipbalms… I feel like everything you need is in there.

And then, makeup… Poundworld has created their own makeup brand called Miss Beauty London and after trying out some products in store, I got myself 5 shades of creamy and oh-so-longlasting lipsticks that are pretty amazing. I\’ve read several reviews about the rest of the makeup but it didn\’t seem all that awesome so I only took a lipstick sealer I\’d heard of and have been wanted to try for some time now.
Aside from their own brand, Poundworld also sells cosmetics from other brands in small plastic bags : O.P.I., Manhattan, Rimmel, Barry M., Khroma Beauty… Not everything is outstanding but I got myself the nicest fall-yellow Nails Inc. nail polish and a perfect Rimmel lipstick – all this for 2 pounds when it\’d have cost me so much more back in France.

Even if you do buy many things, you won\’t feel that guilty when coming out of Poundworld, isn\’t that amazing ? Do compare the prices of some things from time to time as poundshops are sometimes a teeny bit more expensive than regular stores when it comes to some products. Whatever the branch you\’re in, the products are always the same (except from the makeup in the plastic bags) but I recommend you avoid going to the places everyone\’s going to (the ones closest to tourist traps, I mean). Do go to the branches close to Shepherd\’s Bush Green, Archway or East Ham (those are all Tube stations). Do you know this chain of one-pound stores ? Have you ever been there ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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