Moments in Lives – London


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

I\’m baaaaack ! I came back from London to Troyes Saturday in the late evening – exhausted but really happy to be home all the same. Home Sweet Home. I had great times in this beautiful city, I\’ve discovered new cute and impressive places and I\’ve been able to rediscover what I\’d already visited in Winter 2014.
This week is going to be all about London with some souvenir pictures, street art, a great beauty haul, pics of the Warner Bros & Harry Potter Studio Tour… I can\’t wait to take y\’all with me. Meanwhile I thought I\’d share a \”Moments in Lives\” post that I hope I\’ll be able to do wherever I travel. Street Artists, Day-to-day life, that\’s what those posts will be about, plunging us in a culture similar to ours yet not identical. I\’d really like to get your opinion about this kind of post so please tell me what you think about these pieces of life down in the comments !
The Fanzone near the City Hall broadcasts the Olympic Games.

Look from a Street Musician.
\”Make Poetry Great Again\” by hiring a poet\’s services.

An afternoon in the Tube.

A man with a coffee before him watching the Double Deckers drive by.
Kids playing in the water near the City Hall and Tower Bridge.

Skateboarding near the Thames.

Bride and Groom getting reading for a photoshoot near the London Eye, people watching them.

A florist with kind words and poetic flowers.

Rollerskating with some music on in Hyde Park.
All those pieces of life deserved to be captured and shared for the beauty and simplicity of the moments or the words. Which is your favorite pic ? Do you enjoy this new kind of post ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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