The last chapter to the story : My Equivalenza Summer Sales Haul


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

Here is the last chapter to my summer sales ! Equivalenza was having this great 3 for 2 offer and since I\’m a big fan of the brand, I bought almost all the things that I wanted and that had been tickling my wallet before the sales. I got several perfumes, several body mists and some cosmetics too… I\’ve just seen on Instagram that Equivalenza had released two new scents to their Oh My Holidays range : Miami Pink Flamingo and Polynesian Experience and I sure want to smell these and maybe get one or two things from the range – especially since the offer has been back on for several days in the Troyes store.
I\’ve bought 5 perfumes during the sales : three 50mL perfumes and two 30mL perfumes. I\’ve bought number 101 that slightly reminds me of Chanel n°5 (just slightly though because I\’ve tried my mom\’s Chanel and it\’s really different and my Equivalenza perfume lasts so much longer !), a mono-fragrance perfume #402 that smells of vanilla (and only of vanilla, an amazing perfume), number 145 that will remind you a bit of Black Opium as well as two very masculine scents – I love strong, woody, manly scents. I got number 269 that will remind you of Invictus and my crush, number 283, that smells of oudh, a very warm and woody perfume I love and can\’t get enough of.
I\’ve also gotten a backup of my vanilla body mist I\’d written about here – I\’m the biggest fan of vanilla things and the Equivalenza vanilla products are just stunning, they reflect perfectly the strength, the sweetness and the beauty of vanilla. I\’ve also been able to get the three Oh My Holidays mini splashes : Kyoto Elixir, Hanava Mojito and Dreaming Hawaii. I love these dearly, their scents are really fresh and nice.
I\’ve also decided to try out the sponges that already have soap on them and that normally cost €3.95 apiece. I\’ve chosen the scents Vida Exotica, Vanilla & Chocolate and Rosa – I can\’t wait to try them out and write about them, they already smell so good whereas they\’re still in the plastic packaging !
The last things I bought were for my olfactive pleasure at home : two candles that smell of passionfruit and red berries and that cost €9.95. I\’ve seen great reviews about these online and their scent is awesome even though I\’ve never burnt them ! I\’ve also bought a chocolate scented splash that I\’ve already used several times : you need to splash it only twice or thrice otherwise it\’ll be hard to breathe : the scent is strong and really gouemet and I\’d love to try out some other scents from the large range Equivalenza has. Do you know the brand Equivalenza ? Have you gotten some sweet things there during the summer sales ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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