3 Harry Potter Nail Arts

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

I wanted to publish this post on July 31st (Harry and J.K. Rowling\’s birthday date) but I absolutely want the last day of each month to focus on the blogs I\’ve discovered during the month that passed.
Today\’s August 8th which means today my sister turns 15 and we\’ve been in London for two days now (it\’s so weird writing in the future when I\’m still in the past) : today, we\’re going to the Warner Bros Studios to see how the Harry Potter movies were made with all the props and artefacts aso… It\’ll be our second time visiting the studios and hopefully this time my sis will get to touch the Hogwarts doors to the Great Hall.
To celebrate this day, I\’ve created three Harry Potter nail arts. I\’m not that good at nail arts but I\’m getting more and more interested in this form of art and I\’ve really tried to get a nice and neat result.

Nail Art #1 – Hogwarts Houses
This is the nail art I like the least among the three – it was my first time with nail arts brushes – gotta start somewhere don\’t we – and it\’s wearable but not terrific. And the Snitch is a bit lopsided and out of scale too. There. I had to say it.

Nail Art #2 – Geometric Ravenclaw in Negative Space
I really enjoyed creating this nail art even though it took me a great amount of time. The night before I created the nail art, I applied two different nail polishes on a plastic bag and let it dry overnight. The day after, when the nail polish was dry, I took some scissors and cut the shapes that I wanted. Nothing aside from the colors reminds us of Harry Potter but I\’m really proud of this nail art for it was really neat and the creamy blue (Revlon – Midnight) matched the shimmery brownish bronze really well (Max & More – Golden Taupe).
Nail Art #3 – Deathly Hallows on a Gryffindor Gradient Background
The titles of my nail arts almost make me giggle because it looks like a waiter announcing a dish in a great restaurant. I really like this nail art because it was the first gradient nail art I achieved despite my being impatient, the too-sheer nail polishes, the time it took to dry… I created a golden and red gradient background and when it was dry, I stamped some Deathly Hallows patterns from an Ayoohehe plate with black Konad nail polish.
I really enjoyed creating these nail arts and I figured it was pretty hard to get astounding results : you need to be precise, patient, you need to not be afraid to remain in the same position for some time… I\’m really proud of my first creations – what do you think of them ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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